La Gata episode 91. Read what to expect on Tuesday the 22nd of September’s episode on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode 91.

Fela pleads with Silencioso to allow her tell Esmeralda the truth about their true identity and he then agrees with Fela that if that is so then both of them should say it together because he is really afraid about how Esmeralda is going to take the news after keeping it from her for days now.

Pablo gets so furious and bored at Silencioso’s attitude and refusal to disclose to Esmeralda who he really is and therefore tells Jarocha that, if Silencioso still insists on asking for more time then, he (Pablo) is going to mention the truth to Esmeralda because she also has the right to know that secret.

Esmeralda having some doubt after so many years of Silencioso’s great generosity towards her, she asks Jarocha if he is doing that thing for goodness sake or he is having other intentions but Jarocha still keeps the secret and says to her that Silencioso is doing all of that because he is a good man. Esmeralda then tells her that, she is really a little bit nervous and surprise because she find out from Lorenza that agustin knows who her real parents but when he was about saying it Mariano entered to distract her. She concludes to Jarocha that she thinks she is now drawing closer to knowing the truth about her real parents because Silencioso cannot just take her from the dump side to make her a queen and princess in his house so if Jarocha isn’t going to say anything to her, she is going to do every investigation to know the truth.

Gisela mentions to Lorenza that she wants to go on a trip to Paris to spend some time there but Lorenza tells her that she is talking nonsense as now is the time she (Lorenza) has putting things in place which is going to help them destroy La Gata so since they are almost at the verge of accomplishing their mission. Gisela tells Lorenza that her trip is also to gather another form of strategy to help them create that evil without anyone noticing.
Esmeralda pays her people at the dump side a visit and with Garabato her bodyguard, he tries to manhandle them from hugging Esmeralda but she cautions him to stop that but to remember that both of them come from the garbage dump so he is not to ill-treat them at all.

Mrs. Rita tells Chacharas she doesn’t want marry him again since he is looks too older whiles she seems to grow younger every day and therefore Chacharas can’t deny the fact that money makes her look good so for that matter, she is now going to look for a model who soots her better since people may even have the perception that Chacharas is her father and might put him in prison and will charge him with corrupting a minor. Chacharas then grows angry at her and asks her to stop saying those words as it seem so mean to him and even wonders because now that they are not even married she is trying to choose another man aside him so what if they are together.

Esmeralda goes to see Mrs. Rita to inquire from her if Silencioso is her father but Mrs. Rita Denies it again before her that she knows nothing about what she is asking.
Carlos and Virginia present their wedding invitation to Lorenza but she gets so annoyed and tear it before them opposing their married.

Esmeralda visits dr. Havier and she tells him that she is beginning to suspect that she’s known her father all these time and thinks that Silencioso is her real father. Dr. Havier then asks her she is little curious as he finds it difficult to understand because if so Silencioso should have mention it all these. Esmeralda says to Dr. Havier that, it is because Silencioso had many problems with the law which is why he needed to clear his name. Dr. Havier then recommends to Esmeralda to go the archives to look for Silencioso’s background before she gets so full of herself about her true parents and Esmeralda agreed to his suggestions.

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