La Gata episode 117. Read what to expect on Thursday the 5th of November’s episode on UTV Ghana

Lorenza La Gata wakeyHere’s what’s coming up on La Gata on UTV Ghana tonight Thursday the 5th of November 2015. Yet again, the weekend is catching up with us!

After Ines’ refusal to accept Garabato’s money to leave that place but rather pleaded with him to help her look for her child, Garabato in all his hurt emotionally and not being able to stand to tell the truth knowing this same child stays with him, he quickly run away and left Ines all by her own and she couldn’t hold back her tears.
Esmeralda after pondering over things, she goes back to Lorenza and demands that she gives her back the ring because she can sell it or return to anyone but Lorenza refuses so Esmeralda tells her that then she is going to tell pablo the whole truth when he returns from work for pablo to know the kind of a mother she is. Lorenza seeing that Esmeralda doing that is only going to cause her more to lose the love of Pablo, After Esmeralda left her, she calls Hedger to inform him about the situation and he asked her to calm down and pretend to just go down to beg her for all the wrongs she’s done against her and with that Esmeralda will have no reason to forgive since she always needs peace between them. Pablo returns from work and only when Esmeralda was about telling him the truth Lorenza interrupts to ask for her for forgiveness and right there pablo believed her mum since she stated that she wants to make amend with her but Esmeralda still had doubts and confronted Lorenza on what she has installed for her in that fake apology of hers but Lorenza stated that she has no bad intentions about begging her to forgive her because she is meant it.
After investigations from detective Pedro and Counselor Rosorio, they detect from the back that, the embezzlement of the withdrawal of the money was done in barely 5weeks and this was after the death of Agustin and with a forged signature and Silencioso immediately determines that Lorenza is the culprit and no one else. He therefore asked the two of them to have more proved about it so he can call for the arrest of Lorenza and they promised they are not going to disappoint him.
Lorenza took pablo and Esmeralda for dinner and after they returned home pablo told his mum that he wishes that this peace atmosphere will persist and there will be unity always and his mum then told him that that dinner is not going to be something continuous so they should begin to get used to it. Pablo then asked Esmeralda about her ring since she was not having it on her finger and she lied to him that, she lost it and Pablo took it in good fate.
Monica sees a man who is much deeply in love with Esmeralda to she joins forces with him to help her to separate Esmeralda from Pablo by agreeing to give in information about her (Esmeralda) anytime she (Monica) is with her so he can come over to lure her away and with that they will both achieve what they want.
Garabato goes to the bar with Carlos and he tells him about how afraid he is that Ines will be capable of taking her child away from him looking at how desperate she is to get back her son. He then tells Carlos that his son is his whole world because he has and is his source of hope till now and Carlos tells him that, none of them is going to allow Ines to take his child from him since they are all going to be in the guard.
Silencioso calls to inform him about how his mother has made them believed that his dead father made withdrawals from their account in just 5weeks with forged signature of his father and Mariano believed it without questioning Silencioso since he knows the capability of his mother so he went straight to confronts his mother and Lorenza couldn’t deny but rather felt so proud and went as far as telling Mariano that since she is their mother, she knows they can’t report her to authorities because they wouldn’t love it to see their mother in prison. Mariano just looked at her and said criminals like her mother are not entitled to anything good and any favors.
Esmeralda packs all of their things and decides to leave Lorenza’s house for good. After Lorenza noticing this and also seeing that she is going to be left alone, she pretends to be sick and as usual calls Hedger over to her house and after he arrived, they decide that they will attribute Lorenza’s sickness to feeling of loneliness and without anyone closer to her she is bound to die and then to task to choose between his mother and his wife. Hedger calls Pablo and when he arrives he gives him the false information about his mother’s health condition to choose between his wife and mother since they (Lorenza and Esmeralda) are incompatible and always cause his mother to lose her life after every argument and it becomes a big blow to him.
Right after Lorenza broke her mirror after Agustin appeared to her once again, Pablo enters room to check on her and he asks his mother if she will love the idea of taking his family away from her house to leave in their own apartment and Lorenza mentioned that on a condition that, they will not take Pablito away since he is her happiness and life since Esmeralda has taken him (Pablo) from her then Pablito should replace him if not she is going to die of loneliness. Pablo comes out to inform Esmeralda that he wants them to move out of the house into their own apartment and it sounded as extremely great news to her.

Stay tuned to tonight’s Episode at 8:00pm! Watch the Repeat every afternoon at 2:30 pm, and omnibus on every Sundays from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. UTV, it’s all about you!!! | La Gata episode 117. Read what to expect on Thursday the 5th of November’s episode on UTV Ghana

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