La Gata episode 111. Read what to expect on Tuesday the 27th of October’s episode on UTV Ghana

la gata pablo put ring on esmeralda
Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode 111.

Mrs. Rita becomes so devastated thinking of how Ines couldn’t show up at her father’s burial but Jarocha and Chacharas consoles her not to think about it since they all know who Ines has become. Chacharas wanted to know how far Jarocha is going with her new found lover and she tells Chacharas that she has stop seeing him after realizing that Tellico has disclosed to him (Pedro) that she was a prostitute. Chacharas then seized the opportunity to advise her not to give up but should allow the man to decide on that because when a man is really involve in a woman, his heart is always filled with kindness so definitely Pedro is never going to take that into consideration.
Carlos feels they should rather adopt instead of Virginia insisting to have her own children since there are numerous of children on the street and they need to be assisted with their life to make life more meaningful for them and for ones, Virginia agrees.
Silencioso and Fela blow the news about their decision on renewing their marriage to her Esmeralda and she grows so very happy about it and whiles they continue to enjoy their excitement moment, detective Pedro enters in a very desperate mood to plead with Esmeralda to show her where he can find Jarocha.
Pablo proposes marriage to Esmeralda in a nice and special way and Esmeralda becomes so happy.
Lorenza enters Agustin’s room to tell him that her children have now despised her and it makes her very desperate without having their love again. A while talking Agustin begins to feel great pain and after telling Lorenza about it, she asks him to die faster because as it is now he is the least of her worries and though Agustin pleaded with her to help him out to a health facility, she will not give heed and only wish him dead. She leaves him to his faith and after struggling to help himself out of his bed, Agustin breathe his last breath and gave up the ghost.
Silencioso and Fela renew their marriage vows in through the help of father Rivas and his whole family and friends in support and it becomes such a great and wonderful day for those two couples and Pablo looking at them says to them that, they have really giving them the hope that they can also get to where they are. Detective Pedro took the opportunity ones again to ask Esmeralda the where about of Jarocha since she never said anything the first time he asked her but this time around Esmeralda explained everything to him about how awful Jarocha feels after detecting from her that Tellico made known to him about her past and therefore feels very embarrass to see him again. She then showed him that if indeed he wishes to see her he can go over to her (Esmeralda) house and will find Jarocha there to speak with her if not it might be too late and Pedro quickly goes to see her.
Pedro upon seeing Jarocha, he tells him straight that, he does not care about her past issues rather her present and the future because all he wants is to have her by his side as a wife. He then proposed to Jarocha ones again if she is now willing to give him the chance to start a new extra ordinary relationship with her and as the saying goes, “silence means concern,” Pedro kissed Jarocha and she returned his kissed in great happiness.
Whiles Silencioso and his family keep on in their excitement, Pablo receives a call only to be informed about his father’s death and he blows the news to them.
Burial service is organized for Agustin and all go to pay their last respect to him in their own special way. Silencioso and his family also go there to show their last respect to the remains of Agustin.
Esmeralda and Pablo visit the shanty town to take a stroll and whiles they pass through, Esmeralda sets her eyes on Gisela from afar and quickly something stroke her mind that she actually know that person because she feels frightened and tells Pablo about it.
Dr. Havier wants to accept an offer in Germany to be able to go away from Esmeralda since she refused to accept his proposal and that is something he’s decided already and not even his best friend Emmanuel can change his mind.
Esmeralda sits her father down to ask him to forgive Lorenza for all the harm she’s committed and not to send her to prison because if he was able to forgive Agustin to the extent of going for his burial service and it comes as a big blow to Silencioso after counting one by one the great harm Lorenza has committed against all his loved ones but after several explanation from Esmeralda, Silencioso agrees to stop the process against Lorenza and learn to forgive her for Esmeralda’s happiness sake.
Vicky finally let out the truth to Damien about the love she once shared with Havier and how it ended up badly and though Damien becomes a little it hurt since he also secretly has fallen in love with Vicky he has swallow his pain and after took the opportunity to ask Vicky to give him the chance to win her over since both of them single because he can’t hide his feelings fir her again.
Wedding bells ringing for Pablo and Esmeralda and as they are in church and father Rivas is only about to officiate them, Gisela arrives with petrol in a gallon and sprinkles them around the church and light up fire.

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