La Gata episode 104. Read what to expect on Wednesday the 14th of October’s episode on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode 104.

Pablo excuses Gisela to take a walk alone outside to visits places which he thinks can be capable of bringing his memory back so he shuns the breakfast prepared for him by Gisela. Gisela seeing the effort Pablo is trying to make to gain his memory back, she decides to travel that evening by force with Pablo so they could spent time together without anyone or anything interrupting them for Pablo to get distracted from being with her. Unfortunately for her, the travel agency calls to inform her that there are no available tickets for the night so she has to wait till the next day and it did bored her for hearing that from them because she wanted to escape with Pablo very fast. Pablo returns ad after Gisela tells him they will be travelling to Italy which will even far better to recover his memory, he refuses to go and even complain to Gisela that if indeed he used to stay there why is it that all his cloths are new and doesn’t have even anyone of them looking old and Gisela becomes very nervous.
Silencioso is still on a search walk to look for Esmeralda ad after asking Blay he tells him that, it will be very difficult to get to know where la Gata is hiding because the garbage dump and its neighbors are like gang men who never voice out or give up their partners easily and even if a thousand of him comes to look for her with all the properties in the world none of them will give Esmeralda out but Silencioso still insists on looking for her no matter what. All this while, Esmeralda stands at a place and watching her father. Whiles still on the search, he meets an inmate, who was also with him in prison called Tingas and after telling him his mission, Tingas agrees to help him with a plan and by so doing he will definitely find his daughter if indeed she hides there.
The police goes to see Silencioso to show them where Esmeralda is if not she is going to be charged with kidnapping because the children have to be giving to their rightful father and here is the case she is keeping the authorities awaiting for so long. Silencioso and Fela pleads with them to have a few more patient because the truth is they do not even know the where about of the own daughter.
Garabato furiously goes to confront Silencioso and threatens him to explain to him why he has to shoot his father when he knew his wife was expecting a child and that child is him. Silencioso then explained things to Garabato that it was in self-defense which led him to do that but the fact is before his father died he left a lot of fortune behind in his care to be given to his son when he grow up they want to name him Victor Dela Fuente so that is his real name. Silencioso did everything to calm Garabato down and promises to give back all his fortune and he will become someone meaningful to the society and not the Garabato they ones knew.
Days have gone by and Monica’s mother and Lorenza have not being able to pay the rest of the money to Juan Gaza so he goes quickly to see his accomplice to demand for his money but after refusing, he tries to strangle her to death but fortunately for Monica’s mum, Monica enters to rescue her mum from his hands and demanded that they call the police but her mother pleads with her to stop. She then explained it to Monica why she does not what her to call the police and after Monica questions her mum on how she chose to support such an evil act against an innocent being and her mum stated that, se only did it for Lorenza because she was very desperate to destroy Esmeralda.
Mariano goes to see Silencioso to inform him about seeing Pablo with Gisela but Silencioso immediately detects that, if indeed Pablo is in his right sense, he is never going to be with Gisela therefore he asks Mariano to calm down because whatsoever is wrong with Pablo, he is certainly going to find out.
Lorenza continues to push and convince Gisela to take advantage of Pablo’s lost memory to make him fall in love with her and Gisela accepts that and says to herself that she prays Pablo never get back his memory because if so she is going to end up in prison. Lorenza then becomes so nervous and confused and she draws closer to her and asks her why she is making that statement of going to jail and why she doesn’t want Pablo to gain back his memory if she never did anything to him.
Mr. Silencioso and Tingas execute their plan with Mr. Silencioso and Tingas engaging themselves in a fight and upon which no one is able to separate since Silencioso says he wants to see Tingas death. Maria quickly inform Esmeralda about the fight and how his father could end up dead but Mrs. Rita determines it easily as just a set up by Silencioso to let Esmeralda come out of her hiding place but still Maria will not listen and only sees it as a real fight and suddenly Esmeralda having too much love for her father has to come out to rescue him and indeed success became Silencioso’s as suggested and planned by Tingas.

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