La Gata episode 103. Read what to expect on Tuesday the 13th of September’s episode on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode 103.

Pablo and Gisela gets home and Pablo tells her that she actually believes the place is going to help him recover his memory if indeed that is where he used to live as Gisela says. He then asks Gisela that, he still wants to go see a doctor to help him get his memory back but Gisela tells him that, there is no point in going since she is gradually going to let him get back his memory through her love and affection. She kissed Pablo and unfortunately for her, Pablo’s mind reflects back at the shooting scene and other memories between him and Esmeralda and quickly he attacks Gisela as the one who shot him in the head and not anyone as she told him and suddenly Gisela grows so nervous.
Esmeralda to be able to help her hood at the garbage dump to get their hands on a career, she decides to hold jewelry classes for all of them so that they can also earn income out of that to support their lives. All of them applaud her for that decision and they agreed to do the classes to learn about making jewelries.
Pablo and Gisela sleeps and they both begins to have individual thoughts. Pablo thinks that, if indeed Gisela is the woman that she says he is in love with then why is it that he finds it difficult to have a bit of feelings for her and coincidentally, Gisela answers him in her mind that, it will take a little more time before he can do that but the fact is, now that they are now sleeping on one bed, it won’t be long for Pablo to have a feel of her and right after that, he will never be able to forget her again.
Dorilla’s conscience continuously bothers her anytime she tries to sleep because she begins to always have nightmares concerning a child she left at the garbage dump in front of Mrs. Rita’s house heartlessly and anytime she experiences that, her mind reflects on Carlos as being that child she left there but she says to herself that, she feels no remorse in doing that because it was for the best.
Mariano confesses to her mum that he really misses Pablo very much. Lorenza pretends to tell him that, she also do misses him and her worry now is about Esmeralda and the kids because she cares so much about them that she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Mariano then tells his mum that, nothing bad can happen to Esmeralda because she hides at the most protected place at the garbage dump where the place is free from the most deadly diseases in the world called hatred.
The corps go after Esmeralda at the garbage dump but immediately, Garabato and his gang strategize things and she passes through the back and left Maria alone in the room and after the police entered, Maria acted wonderfully to tell them that there is no one there called Esmeralda living in that room because as it is, she is the only one who resides there. She therefore demanded that, they leave her room and close the door for her and they did exactly as she instructed.
Gisela begins to call Pablo as Pablito but he demands that she seizes to call him by that name because it sounds very weird and unpleasant to him that she calls her by that name.
Lorenza manages to know where Pablo is so she goes to check on him at Gisela’s house and after Pablo left them, Lorenza confronts Gisela to deny to her if she wasn’t the one who shot her son and Gisela says to her she isn’t the one but rather La Gata but Lorenza never believed her about a bit of what she said.
Pablo’s fate took him to where he’s being making his giant paintings but the fact is he still can’t remember he was the one who painted it. Whiles he stirs at it, his memory begins to reflect back about Esmeralda but the point is he again find difficult to remember her to though he sees in his memory that they’ve shared lots of things together.
Lorenza goes home to blow the news to Agustin that she’s found Pablo but what makes her more happy is that, he has lost his memory and that is going help her a lot because he doesn’t even remember Esmeralda again and that is what she has always wanted it to be to separate them forever. Mariano enters to tell his mum that if Gisela knows anything about what has happen, he will have her put in prison.
Juan Gaza finally informs Garabato that, Silencioso was responsible for killing his father and agustin is the one who killed his mother therefore he should go take revenge on them. He then gave a file to him which will help him trace every bit of information he needs to know about his parents to be able to support him in the revenge.

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