La Gata episode 101. Read what to expect on Thursday the 8th of October’s episode on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with La Gata (The Stray Cat) and in today’s episode 101.

Esmeralda decides to be a fugitive than to hand over her children to the court for them to be giving to Juan Gaza. She therefore run away with her children to hide at the garbage dump but unknown to her family her where about since she refuses to tell them where exactly she is going and the situation brings serious grieve to Fela and the whole family but Silencioso promises Fela that, he is going to do everything possible to look for Esmeralda and the children no matter what.
Esmeralda gets the full protection of her neighbors living at the garbage dump with Garabato and gang guys and Chacharas and others staying guard against anyone who tries to intrude into the neighborhood to give Esmeralda up to the authorities.
Mrs. Rita arrives at valley Del bravo as asked by Garabato to help Gisela save the life of Pablo and with Mrs. Rita’s assistance Pablo continues to get his healing through the herbs.
Garabato goes to see Esmeralda at his hidden place and he begs her to forgive him of all the wrongs he’s done against her but Esmeralda tells him that, she has nothing against him because to err is human and to forgive is divine. She then encouraged Garabato to only have self-confidence because he is going to be a great person someday and shouldn’t be thinking negative in life because as he continues to study, everything will seem possible for him.
Lorenza refuses to eat or drink and only cries her eyes out over the disappearance of her son Pablo and she goes before God to pray asking him to forgive her for all the wrongs committed since she never knew it was going to have effect on his son to the extent of making him disappear. Whiles praying, she asks virgin Mary to describe to her the kind of person she is because she finds it difficult to believe the kind of person she turn into as she has now realized that even with the power of a mother the strong love between her son and Esmeralda can still not be broken.
Silencioso wanders throughout the garbage dump to look for Esmeralda but all of them go in one accord to keep the secret from him and they lie to him that, none of them know the where about of Esmeralda even Garabato but Silencioso tells Garabato indirectly that he knows Esmeralda is hiding there but he will continue to come over until she accepts to see him so he can also protect her as they are doing to her now. But all this while too, Esmeralda hides behind a truck in disguise eavesdropping their conversation and Garabato returns to deliver Silencioso’s message to her after he left.
Esmeralda in her hiding place continue to fight and fend for her children by doing necklaces as she used to do and she sells them to her boss through Chacharas and Garabato together with the help of all the others in their own way. Chacharas goes to deliver Esmeralda’s first made necklaces and the police attacks him right in front of the jewelry shop and they questions him to voice out where they can see Esmeralda but he denies he doesn’t know where they are talking about and they warn him to tell Esmeralda to bring the children to their father (Juan Gaza) if not, she will have the authorities and the law to contend with. Chacharas goes home to deliver the information to Esmeralda but she still insists that over her dead body will she hand over her children to the court.
Juan Gaza goes to see monica’s mother to pay him off the rest of the money for the accomplish work but she feels reluctant to settle him so he threatens her that, if she refuses to give him the rest of the money, he is going to expose them.

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