Kwabena Yeboah destroys Kevin-Prince Boateng – He’s a ‘complete waste of time’

Veteran sports journalist and President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), Kwabena Yeboah, has completely verbally annihilated Kevin-Prince Boateng, after the former Ghana midfielder commented on the Stars just ended Afcon campaign.

Kwabena Yeboah, in an interview with Angel Fm in Accra, said speaking any words about Boateng is a complete waste of everybody’s time and that he should not even occupy any place in the Ghanaian public discourse.

Yeboah was asked about his opinion on a tweet sent out by Prince after the Afcon in which he called for changes to Ghana football after the team finished fourth at the Afcon.

Yeboah argued that Prince, who was sent home from the 2014 world cup for bad behaviour, does not have the good of Ghana football at heart at all as he is pretending to.

”We continue to even waste time on Kevin Prince Boateng, complete waste of every body’s time, he is not somebody who should even engage our attention,” he said.

”He is not somebody we should spend time on, he is completely irrelevant so far as I’m concerned, he is completely inconsequential. I’m saying this in a context that after using us he dumped for us, four years this guy turned his back on us.”

The veteran broadcaster added: “When we qualified for World Cup 2014, he came back and he went and destroyed the smoothness at the World Cup, then after the World Cup, this guy instead of showing remorse didn’t show remorse because he [doesn’t] understand why he should even show remorse.

”Today when these boys (Black Stars players) have gone out there and done their best, their best wasn’t good enough, he should be the last person to ever express sentiments about the Black Stars, it is not as if he was there he will win the trophy.” Yeboah emphatically ended. | Credit: | Kwabena Yeboah destroys Kevin-Prince Boateng – He’s a ‘complete waste of time’

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