Kumkum Bhagya episode 559 (Thursday 10th August)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv. Alia is not happy after she learns that Pragya has escaped from Nikhil. She begins shouting at Tannu and blames her as she had insisted on having Nikhil in her plan. Alia’s aunt listens to their conversation and records the conversation on the phone. But Alia sees her aunt and pulls her inside the room. By now, Abhi reaches the hideout where the goons are but he fails to find Pragya. Abhi learns from one of the goons that Pragya has escaped from them. Abhi is happy to know of Pragya’s brave act and he prepares to leave. He even apologizes to the goon for beating him up. Just then, Damru approaches Abhi and hits him with a cane. Abhi falls unconscious and learning of the same, Nikhil is pleased. Pragya, meanwhile, feels that she has put Abhi in danger and she should not have escaped as Abhi would have definitely searched for her. Watch Kumkum Bhagya to know more Tune in @ 7:30pm





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