Kumkum Bhagya episode 557 (Tuesday 8th August)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv. Abhi’s grandmother informs Sarla that the tempo in which Pragya had been kidnapped has been found. Just then, Tanu arrives and expresses her anger towards Sarla for shouting at her mother and questioning her parenting. As Abhi’s mother is about to interfere, Sarla asks her to stop and lets Tanu’s behaviour decide how she has been brought up by her mother. Abhi continues searching for Pragya but fails to find her. Alia calls up Abhi and tries to convince him that he should end his search for Pragya and return home to Tannu. Alia also adds that Pragya could already be dead but Abhi gets furious and asks Alia to keep shut. He further adds that he is not even sure if he still loves Tannu. Watch Kumkum Bhagya to know more. Tune in @ 7:30pm




EnterGhana.com | Kumkum Bhagya episode 557 (Tuesday 8th August)

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