Kumkum Bhagya episode 479 (Thursday 20th April)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv,Nikhil discusses his plan with Alia over the phone and Alia tells Nikhil that she would not want to include Tannu in her future plans as she always spoils it. Just when Nikhil hangs up his call, he is confronted by Purab. Purab does not find out that Nikhil was talking to Alia and Nikhil is relieved to learn that. Meanwhile, Abhi too is contacting people to learn about Pragya and all of a sudden he feels to have heard Pragya calling her.Abhi visits the police station and files a complaint regarding Pragya. He asks the inspector to find his wife as soon as possible. The inspector too cooperates with Abhi and asks him not to worry. Abhi wishes that when he reaches home, he finds Pragya. Abhi reaches home and finds his family worried. Abhi reaches home and finds Pragya’s grandmother and consoles her. Pragya’s grandmother tells Abhi that she knows where Pragya is but Pragya does not want to meet him. Tune in @ 7:30pm!!!!




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