Kumkum Bhagya episode 456 (Monday 20th March)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv,Abhi’s grandmother is ecstatic upon seeing Sarla in the house. She is delighted to see her walking and talking. Sarla does not inform anyone about the danger that is lingering around Pragya. Meanwhile, Tannu is pleased with Nikhil for using his presence of mind and saving her from her truth being revealed. Nikhil informs her that he had to bribe the nurse and she will have to pay the nurse with the promised amount as he has gone completely bankrupt. Meanwhile, Pragya massages Abhi’s head as he informs her about the excruciating pain in his head. Just as Abhi enjoys the head massage, Tannu enters the room. How will Tannu react when she sees Abhi and Pragya together? Abhi mocks Tannu and her inability to cook and hearing him, Tannu ends up getting disappointed. Meanwhile, Pragya hears Tannu asking Abhi for money and she wonders why Tannu is asking for such a huge amount of money. After a while, Pragya overhears her mother discussing about the need for a large sum of cash in order to save the marriage hall that she runs. Pragya feels helpless as she has a lot of money but cannot use it for her personal purpose. Tannu meets Nikhil and he expresses his fear before her that the nurse might kill him if she does not get the money she wants. Tannu assures him that she will get the money but is worried that Pragya is safeguarding the cash that she is trying to lay her hands on. Watch Kumkum Bhagya to know more . Tune in @ 7:30pm!!!!





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