Kumkum Bhagya episode 455 (Friday 17th March)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv,Tannu tries to hide herself when she sees Abhi at the hospital. She later leaves the room, hoping to escape from Abhi but is shocked to see Abhi standing before her. Tannu starts to make an excuse about why she is at the hospital and why she had lied to him earlier about the appointment. Meanwhile, Sarla and Pragya reach the hospital to meet a doctor. Abhi sees Sarla in the hospital and is delighted to see his mother-in-law walking and talking. Later Pragya and Sarla find out that Tannu is in the hospital to get Nikhil treated and the two of them decide to anyhow bring Tannu’s reality before Abhi. Sarla and Pragya manage to convince the nurse to take their side after they inform her of Tannu and her evil plans. Meanwhile, Abhi and Tannu meet the doctor and after that Abhi shows signs of suspecting Tannu. Tannu expresses her disappointment towards Abhi for not trusting her and the two of them go downstairs. There, the nurse stops Tannu and claims that she will be getting her husband downstairs. Tannu is afraid that Abhi and others will find out about her association with Nikhil but shockingly, the nurse brings down a different person on the wheelchairs. While Pragya and Sarla are upset that Tannu has escaped getting caught, Tannu is left wondering as to where Nikhil is. Watch Kumkum Bhagya to know more.Tune in @ 7:30pm!!!!



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