Kumkum Bhagya episode 364 (Wednesday 23rd November)

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv,Bulbul is upset with Pragya for not sharing the required information and threatens to reveal their secret to their mother. However, Pragya informs her and Purab that the person she had doubted all this while is none other than Nikhil. She adds that her doubts are now being confirmed and she is certain that Nikhil is the one responsible for Tannu’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Abhi speaks to Alia about her marriage with Nikhil and when Alia refuses, he starts to emotionally blackmail her. Alia later asks him to get an answer from Nikhil and Abhi decides to call Nikhil home to discuss his marriage with Alia. Will this marriage lead to the truth about Tannu’s pregnancy? Bulbul and Purab act excited when Abhi informs them, that Alia has agreed to marry Nikhil. Later, Abhi gathers the entire family and as they begin their meal, Nikhil arrives. The entire family is shocked to learn that Abhi has announced Alia’s marriage to Nikhil. Meanwhile, Alia secretly signals Nikhil to look at his mobile and when Nikhil does so, he reads a message that tells him to accept the marriage proposal for now. However, Nikhil refuses to accept the marriage proposal when the announcement is made. Pragya and others immediately believe that her assumption regarding something is going on between Nikhil and Tannu was in fact right. Will Pragya succeed in finding out Tannu’s reality? Keep watching ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ to know more.Tune in @ 7:30pm!!!!



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