Kontihene forgives Amanda Jissih and Kwaw Kese

The feud between Kwaw Kese, Amanda Jissih and Kontihene, seems to be coming to an end, as on Saturday,while speaking to Dave Hammer on Hello FM, Kontihene implied that he had forgiven everybody against him.

Kontihene said he will no longer make any further comment about the past events because of the intervention of some respected industry players.

When asked whether he has forgiven the two (Kwaw Kese and Amanda Jissih), Kontihene quoted from the bible and said, “A Christian who is not willing to forgive others will find his fellowship with God hindered”.

“Whatever they have said against me I have forgiven them, kwaw Kese is my younger brother and I don’t want to have beef with him, upon the discussion I had with those power blocks in the industry I will remain silent on the matter and wish not to talk about it anymore’’, he told Hello FM.



EnterGhana.com | Kontihene forgives Amanda Jissih and Kwaw Kese

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