Journalist reveals the state in which he saw Ghanaian actress Christabel Ekeh before her nude pictures came out and now viral

Ghanaian promising actress, Christabel Ekeh, few days ago, boldly splashed on her Instagram page nude photos of herself in a lotus position.

These pictures have been met with mix reactions – as some believe she is only living the life of a showbiz person, others feel she is having psychotic issues. Update from Happy 98.9 FM media correspondent, Ronney Bee, who resides in Aburi, shares with the state in which he saw Christabel before the latter came in the news for the bad reason.

“I saw her alone in Aburi garden. She looked frustrated. She was alone. From what I observed staring at her from afar, something was bothering her. Unfortunately, I did not go closer to talk to her. The next I read on her in the news is that, her naked pictures are out” Ronney Bee told

 Asked if he saw any photographer anywhere near where she was, he added, “No. there was no photographer around. She took the pictures in Aburi garden. I suspect she pretended to be a tourist who has come to have a photo shoot session and so called someone around to snap her.”The nude pictures have however, been taken off the page by the app – Instagram. Explaining the rationale behind her conduct, Christabel Ekeh told Joy News’ MzGee, “I noticed the page was taken down but it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel” she said.

When asked who this ‘new Christabel’ is, the actress who has starred in popular movies like ‘Potomanto’, And ‘Sweet Mistake’ answered: “It is whoever you can imagine,’ Added: “That’s why I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination.”

She also said she “unfollowed” everyone on her Instagram because she wanted to follow God and not people. This recent conduct of the bubbly actress, coupled with her claim a few weeks ago to have fallen head over heels in love with a man who kidnapped her some months ago has caused the showbiz fraternity to question the actresses’ psychological state.

In answer to these speculations, Miss Ekeh said, “People are saying this, people are saying that.”
 | Credit: | Journalist reveals the state in which he saw Ghanaian actress Christabel Ekeh before her nude pictures came out and now viral

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