Jodha Akbar episode 1 (Monday 13th February)

Today’s #jodhaakbaronjoyprime, at age 15 young jalaudin was handed a whole army of mogul Empire to lead by his uncle Beram khan. His first victory was celebrated by the blood of his uncles who taught and nurtured Jalaludin who was later crowned king. Sukhania younger sister of Jodhaa the princess wishes Jodhaa is abducted by the mogul emperor on her birthday. As part of their rituals for the princess’s birthday gift Shagonibal the witch in the Rajput town also gives her gift which angered the queen. Jala’s men attacked the temple of the Rajputs. Jodhaa’s best friend was taken hostage. Jodhaa swears to avenge Jalaludin for the raiding of the temple. Jalaludin was fear by all his people for his wickedness. Would her friend be speared? Would shagonibal’s predictions to the Rajput place change the fortunes and destiny of Jodhaa? Tune in @6pm.
 | Jodha Akbar episode 1 (Monday 13th February)

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