Jodha Akbar episode 128 (Thursday 10th August)

Today’s # jodhaakbaronjoyprime, Maham Anga advices Ruqayya to stop Jalal from going closer to Atifal. Jalal sends Kabal out of the palace for much security. Ruqayya makes mockery of Jodha seeing Jalal drawing closer to Atifal. Jalal and Atifal’s husband, Hamanu fights over who the rightful owner of the lady is. Jalal receives news of Jodha’s objection to Adga’s son and a Hindu princess. Queen chant tells Maham Anga about the hidden treasure. Sheriff Wodhin stocking Jodha at night after get hold of the secret map. Could it b that Jalal has falling out if love for Jodha? Would this relation between Jalal and Atifal bring victory to Maham Anga? Tune [email protected]

 | Jodha Akbar episode 128 (Thursday 10th August)

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