Jodha Akbar episode 127 (Wednesday 9th August)

Today’s #jodhaakbaronjoyprime, Adga Khan concern about Jalal and his attitude towards Atifal. Jalal goes hunting with Atifal against her husbands will. Kabal escapes from prison under heavy security. Jalal angry over his security breach in his palace after an attack. Jodha and Jalal fight over kabal and his offends. Jalal takes his anger on manse after the court disturbance. Jalal announces a death sentence for kabal publicly in the holy month. Could their differences be because of her pregnancy? Would Jodha allow Jalal go ahead and commit murder in a holy month? Is Jalal under the influence of Atifal and her beauty? Is Jalal losing grips of his empire? Tune [email protected]
 | Jodha Akbar episode 127 (Wednesday 9th August)

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