Jodha Akbar episode 126 (Tuesday 8th August)

Today’s #jodhaakbaronjoyprime, kabal in captive expresses his love for Jodha. Jodha and Ruqayya suspicious of Jalal and Atifal action in the harem. Jalal goes hunting without his most special queen. Kabal task by his boss to kill Jodha from prison. Jodha visits a distress letter from a Hindu princess for help. Jalal finds Jodha going against his orders. Is Jalal finding himself a new woman? Would Jodha listen to advice and visit the prison again? Could Jalal lose his throne due to misplaced priority? Is this a sign that Jodha’s reigns are over? Tune in @6pm.

 | Jodha Akbar episode 126 (Tuesday 8th August)

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