Italian Bride: Thursday 18th May 2017 on TV3 Ghana

Vittorio finally get his first kiss and he is all happy, he thanks his wife to be. Gianna apologizes to Benito for kissing him. Benito doesn’t need her to apologizes he understand her. He wants to be there as a friend to help her go through her sickness. He asks her not to feel bad about the kiss. Anibal asks the police to take Sergio away; he is responsible for the fire. Sergio wants to speak to his lawyer and resists arrests, Anibal hopes the next time Sergio mind his own business. Frederica asks Rosario if she knows how the accident happens, Rosario tells her what she heard. Sonia’s mother reproaches Osvaldo for forcing her daughter to take a DNA. Osvaldo takes it on Sonia, she admits she told her mother and reminds him she is her mother. Osvaldo doesn’t want anyone to meddle into their business and asks her to leave. Vittorio is surely the happiest man on earth. At the table he holds Fiorella’s hand and talk about the passionate kiss they just had. He is sure she loves him and the kiss can prove it, Fiorella isn’t excited as he is though. Vittorio gets up and interrupts the customers’ quiet dinner. He wants to introduce his future wife to them and invites them to their wedding. He is so happy that he decides to buy a bottle of champagne for each table in the restaurant. Frederica informs Dante about the conversation she had with Rosario. She wants to know if Maximo ever mention the accident at the company to him. Dante doesn’t remember, Frederica isn’t happy and asks him to remember it. They hear peoples’ voice and Dante runs away. Gael asks Sonia and Osvaldo if they had already chosen a name for their baby. Eloisa has already; the child will be called Maximo. Osvaldo wants to please granny so he has no objection to call his child Maximo. Sonia’s mother reminds Eloisa it is the father job to choose a name for his baby not his grandmother. Sonia wants to know what if the baby turns out to be a girl.

No worry, Sonia’s mother also has a name; she gets up and tells them she will be called Belinda. Julieta changes the subject and informs them she hadn’t heard from Sergio. He is also not picking his calls, Julieta is worried. Eloisa asks her not to be, Pedro’s phone rings. Fiorella hopes Vittorio can take to another place, he wonders if she means a quiet place.

Fiorella tells him yes, a place without music. Sergio calls Pedro and tells him he has been arrested but asks him not to tell anyone. Pedro leaves the table without telling them about the arrest, Eloisa asks Aitana to come with her.

She wants Aitana to go after Pedro to make sure he is not meeting Fiorella. Pedro meets with Fidel outside and drives off. Aitana shows up later and asks her driver to follow them. Vittorio is shameless, he takes Fiorella to his house, Fiorella isn’t happy. When she told him she wanted to go to a quiet place, she meant the ranch. Vittorio wants her to spend the night with him in his house. He takes her round his house, Fiorella tries to talk but he keeps interrupting her. He makes her listen to Italian music, and finally make her smile. Gael interrupts Simonetta and Gianna dinner.

The end up arguing about Benito until Joaquina arrives and tells them Benito went out with Roxana. Gianna isn’t happy, Gael reminds her Benito and Roxana are also friend. Things go wrong for Aitana; she is attack on her way. Pedro goes to the police station and the police officer informs him about the charges against his father. Pedro wants his father to tell him the truth; Sergio assures him it was a trap by Anibal. Pedro believe him and asks him to calm down, he will contact the family lawyer.

Vittorio leads Fiorella to his bedroom; it well decorated with flowers and candle light. He sits on the bed and asks her to join him. Well she wanted a more tranquil place, so this is the best place. Vittorio suggests she gets to know him better. Pedro runs into Aitana and her mugger. He tries to defend her but stops when he notices the guy has a knife at her throat. Pedro tries to convince him to give up since they are around the police station, just at that moment an officer comes out. The guy runs away, Pedro scolds Aitana for following him. Pedro tells her he came because of his father and asks her not to tell anyone. Fiorella didn’t mean his bedroom when she said she wanted a quiet place. She wants to leave his house, Vittorio offers to take her. She refuses and prefers to go in a taxi, he end up calling one for her. | Italian Bride: Thursday 18th May 2017 on TV3 Ghana

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