Pedro can’t believe, her child can’t be his, Sonia assures him he is. Pedro disagrees, Fiorella heard Sonia conversation with her mother and inform him. Sonia denies, Fiorella didn’t heard them well. Sonia holds Pedro and touches her stomach then tells him he is gong to be a father. The police enters the cell, Sergio is unconscious, they rush him to the hospital. Pedro wants to inform Osvlado, Sonia stops him, she prefers they wait. she doesn’t want to put her child at risk. Pedro disagrees, and insists on telling Osvadlo, Sonia stops him. She begs him to give her some time to prepare herself against the scandal and Osvaldo.

Osvaldo and Belinda join them, Pedro tries to tell him. Sonia tries to stop him just at that moment Pedro’s phone rings. The lawyer inform him about Sergio’s condition, and Pedro has to leave. Anibal right hand man report to him about Sergio’s condition. The man wants an update about his boy relaesed. Anibal doesn’t have good new for him, he is pissed off and leave. Pedro begs the doctor to save his father. Osvaldo gives the bad news to Eloisa, Aitana and Julieta decide to go to the hospital with Gael.

Osvaldo decides to stay behind to console Eloisa. Fiorella questions Gianna about Benito attitude towrards her during dinner. Gianna doesn’t know but Benito has been really nice to her lately. Fiorella feels may be Benito is in love with her. Gianna disagrees, Fiorella wonders why, Gianna tells her about Benito kiss. Fiorella asks her if she is in love with Benito, Gianna doesn’ know. Vittorio calls and interrupts their conversation. He wants them to meet, Fiorella can’t make it. Vittorio is willing to ask Eloisa for permission. He wants to discuss something very important with her, she agrees to meet him.

Simonetta enters their room and tells them about Sergio, Fiorella takes her bag and runs off. Eloisa didn’t take the news well, Dante gives her some drugs to calm her down. Frederica enters to check on her, Eloisa is worried about her son, Frederica saw him coming. Eloisa won’t permit to speak ill of her son, Frederica apologizes. Eloisa doesn’t think her heart will resists if her son dies. Frederica assures her she knows the feeling of loosing a dear one. Fiorella wants the hospital adress to visit Sergio, Benito tries to convince her otherwise. Sonia informs her mother about Pedro intention to tell Osvaldo about the fake DNA test.

Her mother tells her to make sure, Pedro doesn’t tell Osvaldo. Sonia wants an opportunity to guarrantee her child’s future with her father who will love him. Gael update Julieta, Pedro and Aitana on Sergio’s condition. Fiorella and Benito arrive and try to find a way so Fiorella can speak with Pedro. Roxana brings cholocate to Gianna in her room with her the intention of apologizing. Gael told her he had to take her to hospital. They actually have a nice conversation and they both laugh but end up fighting. Roxana gets angry and takes her chocolate back.

Fiorella manages to get an empty room to hide. Pedro walks by and she holds his hand and leads him inside then closes the door. He wonders what she is doing here, well she heard about his father and decided to check on him. Pedro is scared and worried about his father, he even cried, Fiorella consoles him. Pedro has nothing not even Fiorella, they cuddle then about to kiss when they heard a baby cry.

They turn then realised they are in the nursery, Fiorella admires the baby. Pedro tells her Sonia child is his and tells him about the conversation he had with Sonia. Fiorella wonders if Osvaldo knows it. He tells her not yet but he will tell him, he wants to clarify everything with Sonia first. He however begs Fiorella not to take any decision. the nurse enters the room and they are force to leave. Pedro thanks Fiorella for coming, Pedro begs her not to tell anyone about what he told her. The doctor informs them Sergio is out of danger, Julieta decides to inform Eloisa. The old witch sobs in relieve but not for long, she quickly turn to her old self and once again worried about her family reputation. | ITALIAN BRIDE: MONDAY 22ND MAY 2017

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