I’m dissapointed in this year’s Talented Kidz – Awal Mohamed

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, lack of support and rampant sabotaging activities from Tv3, the reality show organizers are really killing most of our talents in the country right from mentor to ‘Talented Kidz.’

According to Awal Mohamed who was a contestant in the first season of TV3 ‘Talented Kids,’ he was highly disappointed in this year’s organizers of Tv3 Talented Kidz because they refused to respect a talent they brought up.

Immediately after the season eight edition of the Talented Kidz reality show, young talented rapper who mesmerized audience and viewers of Tv3’s Talented Kids season one with his dazzling quick style of rap, took to social media and to vent his displeasure.

“It’s high time we respect Ghanaian upcoming artist, how can u invite an artist, a true product who made Tv3 Talented kids proud at the very first edition to your show and make him perform off air, am very disappointed in this year’s talented kidz organizers,” he posted.

May be they have forgotten that we paved the way and inspired the kids to also work hard and get to the mainstream. I am sending this across to the organizers of TV3 ‘Talented Kidz.’ Don’t try to sabotage us because we are bigger than that. Just support so we can excel and make your platform proud. Whom much is given much is expected, from the look of things TV3 is not doing any kid any favors. It’s rather on the reverse which is using our talented kidz to make money for themselves because over the years bunch of talents comes out of their reality shows but we don’t see them exiling likes of Akos, Prince, James, Tutulapato, Lee Stone now Yaw stone and the list continues,” (Awal`s words) he added.




EnterGhana.com | Credit: Flex Newspaper | I’m dissapointed in this year’s Talented Kidz – Awal Mohamed

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