High School Love (Wednesday 9th August)

We start off with Woohyun at the tree and Seulbi leaving him behind. Her footsteps are heavy and slow, but she can’t stop looking back. She gradually comes to a stop and when asked why she’s not coming by Sunbae, Seulbi announces that she can’t, she doesn’t want to say goodbye. Sunbae tells her that she’s already taken the oath and Seulbi hands him the book saying that it is her real oath. She apologizes and tells him that even if she can’t be happy or be an angel again, she wants to stay with Woohyun. Sunbae asks if that holds true for if she becomes mortal and disappears forever and Seulbi nods her head.

Sunbae tells her that she’ll regret her decision and Seulbi simply hands the book back thanking him for all he’s done. He announces that he’s going to forget her and Seulbi can just nod her head before returning back to Woohyun. Sunbae sadly looks on.

Seulbi returns to Woohyun’s side underneath the tree. They stay silent but Seulbi begins hitting his shoulder as she begins to cry. She tells him to just cry and they both stay under the tree and cry together. She tells him that she’ll stay by his side and won’t go anywhere telling him to cry when he wants to. Woohyun lets out all of his pent up tears on her shoulder.

They both walk back together, Seulbi following behind Woohyun. Seulbi enters Woohyun’s bedroom that night and sees him calling out telling someone not to leave. She sits by his side and grabs his hand asking if it’s okay for her to stay by his side.

She sits alone on the rooftop wondering if she’ll never see Sunbae again saying that she would’ve said a proper goodbye earlier coming to the conclusion that she said goodbye to Sunbae and Grandma. Seulbi then stands up and waves to the sky wishing both of them well. We see Sunbae looking at her from another rooftop.

It’s a new day at school and Coach enters the teacher’s lounge where he sees a letter of resignation. He meets with the Director, I presume, and talks about the leave of absence. I thought it was for HT, but maybe not since the Director says that she’ll have to find a substitute for the music class then. Okay, maybe it is the HT since she then tells Coach that he’ll be the homeroom teacher, catching him off guard.

Both Seulbi and Woohyun’s desks are empty and Chunshik stares at them with sadness. Even Sungyeol isn’t there, which causes Youngeun to kick Kisoo’s desk, and he is still visibly upset, to ask where he is. Since Kisoo is in a bad mood he just tells Youngeun to ask for herself.

Yena also seems worried saying that if she’s that upset about the whole thing, then how upset must Woohyun be. But Youngeun isn’t concerned about all that telling Yena to just worry about herself and starts to get a little loud with her. That’s when the female employee steps in telling her to basically lower her volume.

Coach then enters the room as the new HT confiscating phones as he goes along. The class groans at the announcement that he’s going to be their new homeroom teacher and the students wonder where the original HT went. But during his rant about HT he notices that Woohyun, Seulbi, and Sungyeol aren’t there. That makes Coach lay down the law saying that everything is basically forbidden, especially things like dating and sighing.

Woohyun is sitting alone in his room at home when Seulbi enters. He’s staring off into space and she leaves him alone returning downstairs where she sees the picture on the wall of Woohyun and Grandma.

Coach is in the nurse’s office talking about HT, both are wondering why he would leave. Stepmother enters at that moment asking for something for her headaches. After Nurse gives her some medication, she and Coach go back to talking about HT, more like Nurse wondering if she’ll get fired. Coach then states that neither Seulbi, Woohyun, nor Sungyeol are in school and it’s a shock to Stepmother.

Coach scolds himself for allowing Sungyeol and Woohyun to get close, but Stepmother stands up for the both of them saying that they’re both good kids and that Sungyeol isn’t acting that way because of Woohyun. Once she leaves Coach clocks the weird reaction that Stepmother always has whenever Sungyeol is mentioned, I kind of forgot that the people at school don’t know their relationship. Nurse tells him that both Sungyeol and Woohyun are handsome, I guess saying that that’s the reason why.

In the empty hallway Stepmother attempts to call someone, who I can only assume is Sungyeol. But he’s too busy sitting with his headphones on outside. When he does hear his phone and sees that it’s her calling he ignores it. He gets up to leave when he thinks about his mother telling him she’s getting married and sits back down with his headphones on.

Jaesuk’s lackeys are off doing his errands, buying food at the convenience store. One says that he feels sorry for Woohyun stating that he cried a lot when his grandmother passed away but Woohyun didn’t. A hand then gets placed on his shoulder and it’s Jaesuk who asks him why doesn’t he just cry in Woohyun’s place then. The second lackey tells Jaesuk that they went just to check on Chunshik, to make sure he didn’t say anything and Jaesuk praises them.

The three together notice Chunshik when Jaesuk is paying for the snacks. Jaesuk approaches him and asks if Woohyun cried or not. Chunshik cautiously looks over to the other two lackeys who motion to him to say that Woohyun didn’t cry, but Chunshik doesn’t say anything and just bows his head.

Youngeun meanwhile is outside when she spots Jaesuk beating Chunshik up. In the middle of the beating Jaesuk looks to his lackeys and command them to do it but before the lackey can hit him, Chunshik announces that he’s going to say that Seulbi wasn’t the one who stole it. The lackeys begin telling Chunshik that he must be bored, but Jaesuk says that he is and begins to lightly hit his lackeys before he takes his leave. Once he does leave, the lackeys continue the beating. Youngeun simply watches on and when Yena arrives she worries that Chunshik told. Youngeun simply tells her to keep her mouth shut.

Seulbi is at the shop cleaning up the tables when Sungyeol passes by, staring at her from outside. Seulbi sees him, though, and comes out before he can leave. Sungyeol then helps her clean the tables inside. He notices that she keeps cleaning the same spot and asks her about it, Seulbi just tells him that it helps to keep away the sad thoughts.

Sungyeol then starts showing concern about Woohyun, who Seulbi says just sleeps or just pretends to. Sungyeol tells her that that could be a way to overcome sadness and asks Seulbi when she’s leaving. She tells him that she decided to stay and isn’t going to go and when Seulbi says that she doesn’t have any adults to contact, after Sungyeol asked her, he thinks that she’s exactly like him.

But Seulbi is surprised that he’s not at school, thinking that he’s perfect so he would want to do everything, and asks if something’s wrong. Sungyeol doesn’t say much, just repeats that he didn’t want to go and Seulbi says that it’s good that nothing is wrong and scolds him, insisting that he must go to school tomorrow or else he’ll be in trouble if he stays home just because of Woohyun. Sungyeol chuckles at the statement.

Woohyun is walking around the house and stops outside of Grandma’s bedroom door talking to it saying that Grandma is simply inside sleeping and that he would like to see her just once more, thinking about how he never got to say that he loved her. Seulbi is inside having heard everything.

When Sungyeol returns home that night Stepmother is outside waiting for him. He tries to walk past her but she grabs his arm and immediately starts asking him why he wasn’t at school, showing the usual motherly concern. But Sungyeol shows a cold front as Stepmother tells him that he should tell her if he wants a couple of days off saying that she can talk to his father.

Sungyeol, however, tells her to stop trying to be a good mother stating that that’s why his mother is running away. Stepmother abides saying she’ll just be his guardian yet she still offers herself as someone that Sungyeol can tell things to, an offer that he doesn’t want. He ends up walking back in the same direction he came.

Woohyun is lying on his bed in his room when Seulbi enters with food. She tries to get him to eat, but Woohyun angrily knocks it out of her hands and onto the floor before lying back down on his bed. As she cleans Seulbi tells him that she understands sadness now and it’s also sad that she can’t do anything for him.

Seulbi continues saying that she also misses Grandma and that she’ll tell Grandma what Woohyun wants to say to her and asks Woohyun to get up, but he continues to lie there.

Sungyeol is walking by the restaurant when he sees Seulbi run out the door. It turns out she’s running to the hospital where she begins to look frantically look around and comes to the conclusion that she, presumably Grandma, is really gone. But that’s when Seulbi spots Sunbae who is leading another and is slightly shocked that she can still see him, but Sunbae simply says that he won’t be able to see her.

Before he can get by her she asks him for a favor, but he coldly replies that humans can’t ask angels for things. That’s when Seulbi tries to touch Sunbae but her hand goes right through. Still, Seulbi asks him to see Grandma and he turns her down. She asks about dreams and asks that he let Grandma meet Woohyun just once. That’s when we see Sungyeol standing in the hospital seeing Seulbi talk to no one.

Seulbi continues telling Sunbae that Grandma was everything to Woohyun and begs him again to let him say goodbye. Sunbae begins to get angry asking why she must do everything for him and Seulbi honestly answers that she doesn’t know, she just wants to do everything she can for him but there’s nothing she actually can do.

Sunbae attempts to get by again telling Seulbi that it’s beyond his limits and Seulbi makes one last request to have Sunbae tell Grandma that Woohyun loves her and to be happy. Sunbae simply tells her that if the human love she chooses changes then she’ll lose the thing she treasures the most stating that that’s the punishment for leaving their world and the rules for the human one. He yells that she should’ve been ready for the results.

But Seulbi still stands her ground stating that as long as Woohyun is happy it’ll be alright. Sunbae gets angrier at those words, but he doesn’t have a chance to say anything since Sungyeol comes up and asks Seulbi who she’s talking to and why she’s there. Sunbae has disappeared. Seulbi just says that she wanted to visit Grandma before she walks away.

Woohyun finally comes out of his room and immediately looks for Seulbi, a panic growing inside of him when he can’t find her. Sungyeol, meanwhile, is in his room looking at the meteor that Seulbi gave him thinking back to the words he overheard about how even if Seulbi loses everything, she’ll be alright if Woohyun is happy. He’s confused, though, wondering if Seulbi still likes Woohyun.

Seulbi is thinking over the same thing in the empty restaurant when Woohyun bursts in. She immediately asks if he’s hungry and if she should make something, but Woohyun is more upset over the fact that he thought Seulbi left without telling him. Seulbi wonders why she’d leave, but Woohyun just silently goes back into the house.

The next morning Woohyun is still in bed and ignores the phone ringing. Seulbi answers it and tells the person on the other line that they can’t deliver stating that Grandma went on a trip. Right after the phone call the multipurpose ghost-seeing guy, our previous hobo and ice cream seller I believe, enters asking for tteokbokki and Seulbi tells him that they’re not open.

Seulbi finds him familiar and the guy compliments her memory saying that they should just lay it out. He offers his hand telling her it’s nice to meet her and congratulates her on becoming a human. That causes the wheels to turn in Seulbi’s head as she asks how in the world he knows and he admits that he was an angel before and now he’s the president of the human-angel association, basically meaning that he takes care of former angels.

Seulbi is still surprised over the fact that he was a former angel. But he calls Seulbi, with his name being saved in her phone as ‘handsome angel’ but with the numbers 1004, which is wordplay. He tells her that they have a gathering and that he’ll text her with the time and location also adding that she can call him if she needs help with anything. Before he leaves he tells Seulbi one last important thing, humans can’t know about them and asks that she makes sure she’s careful.

But before he can officially leave Seulbi begins to ask about when humans are sad and our former angel finishes her sentence saying that she wants to know what to do. He answers that when humans are sad, they get drunk. That’s when he remembers that they’re in high school and tells her to just stay by his side.

Sungyeol is packing food from the fridge when Stepmother sees him but he ignores her question. Seulbi is still alone in the restaurant when Kisoo comes in yelling to Woohyun that if he doesn’t eat then he’s missed that meal forever and that Grandma told him to make sure he doesn’t skip meals.

Up in his room Woohyun repeats those statements. The female employee then comes into the restaurant handing over a bag of food saying that her boss gave her too much, and it turns out that she’s the vice president of their class. Kisoo thanks her for coming before he leaves and it’s only her and Seulbi alone.

She hands over the book saying that reading is the best thing for a complicated mind and Seulbi thanks her. That’s when the female employee tells her not to eat while reading and not to fall asleep either as well as don’t bend the book. In the end she hurries out of the shop since she’s late for work.

Immediately after Sungyeol enters. He says that he thought he’d be first, as in to come and visit, and Seulbi tells him he’s last and also asks if he went to school, to which Sungyeol says he did in case Seulbi would yell at him.

They sit down at the table and Seulbi sees that they’re side dishes asking if his mother made them. It somewhat catches Sungyeol off guard but he just replies with a grunt. Seulbi tells him he’s lucky to have a mom and a cool dad. Sungyeol doesn’t think it’s that special, though, stating that everyone has one, but Seulbi objects saying that she and Woohyun don’t have parents and Sungyeol should be grateful for his.

A little while later Seulbi starts to attempt cooking a tteokbokki order with the book that Grandma gave her. Sungyeol is there and puts an apron on her, even wrapping it around, causing her to think of the time Woohyun did it for her. She stops Sungyeol, though, saying that she can tie it herself.

Sungyeol helps in the kitchen then and the two work together to make the tteokbokki. Seulbi admires Sungyeol’s skill in the kitchen. When the food is done she gives it to Kisoo who will be doing the delivery and he wonders if it’s alright. Seulbi tells him that Sungyeol did help and he says that they can just give it a shot saying that they can just make it again. Kisoo also tells her that Woohyun would be able to taste test for them if he was up, but they should help out until he gets back up on his feet.

So the restaurant is back and open and Seulbi thanks Sungyeol for his help saying that he was able to get Grandma’s flavor. When he asks about the shop she tells him that it’s full of Woohyun and Grandma’s memories so they should keep running it. Sungyeol wonders if she means her and Woohyun and Seulbi clarifies that it’s just her for now since Woohyun won’t get up and she’s worried. Sungyeol tells her he’ll eventually get up and Seulbi says she believes that too.

The two begin to do the dishes together when their hands touch each other underwater causing the two to become shocked and a dish to break. Sungyeol begins to clean up the broken plate, telling Seulbi not to touch it because she could hurt herself, when two gangsters come in asking for a Shin Hyungcheol, who I can only assume is Woohyun’s father?

Sungyeol goes out to the restaurant to ask the matter and the gangsters ask if he’s Grandma’s grandson telling him to pay up. Seulbi asks what they’re doing and the two continue to call for Hyungcheol. Sungyeol tells them that what they’re doing is illegal, but the gangsters don’t care asking if paying a debt is illegal.

They spot the door that leads to the room and enter, beginning to throw things around messing up the place. Woohyun comes out of his room to ask what’s going on and one of the gangsters ask if Woohyun is Shin Hyungcheol’s son beginning to call for Grandma.

Woohyun tells them not to say her name when he’s shown that his father put up Grandma’s shop as collateral to borrow money from them but they can’t get in contact with him. Woohyun yells at them wondering why they’re asking for money there and tells them to get out. One of the gangsters grabs Woohyun telling him to get out since they’re the owners now and Seulbi bites his arm before he’s able to hit Woohyun.

All of them end up at the police station where Sungyeol’s father asks the gangster if they threated kids to get money, especially at that hour. The gangsters ask if it’s wrong to get their money back saying that they’ve be patient. Sungyeol’s father asks to see the contract and the gangsters grumble. One stern look from him causes them to hand it over to the police.

One look at the contract and the police scoff saying that the guys are crooks and that there are laws against what’s written there. The gangsters say that they haven’t seen any interest and at least ask for the principal. The other gangster grabs Woohyun by the collar asking for his money saying that if his father borrowed it then the son should take responsibility. Sungyeol’s father steps in and tells Sungyeol and Seulbi to take Woohyun home and they leave while the gangsters stay and answer questions.

Once they’re home Sungyeol and Seulbi begin tidying up the house as Woohyun sits on the stairs. Kisoo arrives at that moment asking what’s going on.

At Sungyeol’s house his father tells Stepmother of the situation. She’s shocked as he further states that they may lose the shop and the house. Sungyeol’s father is worried, though, saying that they can’t find Woohyun’s father so they should at least look for his mother and that has Stepmother on edge again. She wonders about Grandma’s inheritance saying that there must’ve been something, but it turns out that it’s not a lot and that the kids don’t even have money to get by.

Stepmother begs her husband not to let the loan sharks get close again and asks if Woohyun got hurt. Sungyeol’s father states that she must really care about her students, seeing her concern for Woohyun, and Stepmother becomes flustered. He wonders how a father could do that and tells Stepmother that Sungyeol asked that he lend him his college savings saying that he’ll get a scholarship and work part-time while in college, smiling to himself and saying that Sungyeol and Woohyun have become closer friends. Stepmother doesn’t seem to like that news. We later see her frantically making food and packing it away in containers before she stops herself to take a deep breath.

Kisoo, Seulbi, and Sungyeol are discussing the entire matter with Sungyeol telling that they could possibly take the entire building. Sungyeol asks if they can’t get in contact with Woohyun’s father and Kisoo honestly tells them that if they could, he’d probably have attended Grandma’s funeral and says that he left Woohyun all alone. Sungyeol asks about Woohyun’s mother then and Kisoo explains that they separated when he was young and never kept in touch. Kisoo feels sorry for Woohyun since all he had was Grandma.

He wonders where they’re going to get that amount of money and Seulbi says they can’t let them take the building since it’s full of Woohyun and Grandma’s memories.

In his room alone Woohyun searches through a container and finds a book with a number for his father. He attempts to call it but no one answers. He keeps calling but only gets the same message. He ends up angrily throwing his phone on his bed asking where his father is and why he had to end up with him even as a father.

Kisoo is at his milk delivery job when Seulbi arrives. He asks if the thugs have returned but Seulbi’s there because she wants to work too. She says that they can’t let them take the building and asks that Kisoo put in a good word for her.

We see a montage of Seulbi working various jobs such as in a restaurant, where she eats the leftovers left when the people leave, and in a clothing store, where she continuously shakes her head to everything the customer tries on, in the background, despite the boyfriend saying it looks good. She’s also at a daycare where the kids are pulling her around and in the end she punishes them all earning her a scolding and another job lost.

Sungyeol’s father meets with Woohyun in the restaurant saying he just dropped by and telling Woohyun he should go to school. He mentions that he asked a friend in America to try and find Woohyun’s father. Woohyun says that it’s certain his father borrowed the money and Sungyeol’s father begins to change the subject to Woohyun’s mother asking about her name, residential number, or even old address. Woohyun just simply states that parents are supposed to be a fence, but his were a remote cliff that’s hard to see and asks that Sungyeol’s father not look for them, since that would be the best help.

Sungyeol’s father resorts to telling Woohyun to immediately call him if the loan sharks return. Woohyun can only sit there quietly. Sungyeol’s father tells him that his parents must’ve had a reason and to have strength, but Woohyun can only sigh.

Kisoo and Seulbi walk home that night and Kisoo wonders what he’s going to do with her since she got fired six times in one day. Seulbi wonders what else she could try and after a little banter back and forth, Kisoo says that they should try something else.

Sungyeol is sitting on the steps of the restaurant when Seulbi returns wondering where she was. She tells him that Kisoo introduced her to some part time jobs because she wanted to help. Sungyeol looks at her bag and worries that she’s working herself too hard but Seulbi assures him that she’s alright and changes the subject to ask why he’s there.

He says that he was around and that he’ll look for ways to help as well telling Seulbi not to worry too much or take too much of the burden. Seulbi thanks him and says that Woohyun would be thankful too. Sungyeol sends her inside to get some rest.

Woohyun is sitting there on the stairs waiting for her immediately asking her why she’s so late. Seulbi wonders if he was waiting for her and Woohyun tells her not to go around wasting her time because there’s nothing she can do. Seulbi stays positive but Woohyun asks if she’ll go find his dad or pay back the money telling her she can’t do either so she shouldn’t do anything.

Seulbi tells him that she doesn’t understand him wondering why it’s so hard to make him smile or eat. She tells him that she doesn’t know how much it’s hurting him, and Woohyun yells at her to not do anything then, but Seulbi persists saying that all she knows is that he can’t keep doing that.

That night while Seulbi’s asleep Woohyun opens the door thinking to himself that that’s why he told her to leave.

It’s the morning and Stepmother is sleeping in the living room chair when Sungyeol walks out of his room. He has the same bag and goes to collect food from the fridge when he sees that it’s filled. He’s shocked for a moment but takes out the food and even drinks one of the health drinks.

Seulbi prepares breakfast for Woohyun with a pain patch on her shoulder and leaves to work delivering milk. She sees a poster for a lost dog and begins looking for it. Eventually she finds it in a trash pile. But the tower is unstable and boxes begin to fall.

Woohyun is in the kitchen of the restaurant looking and touching everything. Sungyeol arrives looking for Seulbi when Woohyun comes out. Sungyeol hands over a bag of pain patches for Woohyun to give to Seulbi, but he only treats Sungyeol coldly telling him to give it to her himself.

Sungyeol, who can’t stand anymore of Woohyun’s coldness, asks if he was always a jerk saying that Seulbi’s been working all day to save up for the loan and tells Woohyun to stop being a child. That makes Woohyun’s blood boil as he tells Sungyeol that he has everything so just because Woohyun loses one thing it seems like he’s acting like a child to him.

But Sungyeol won’t have any of it and the two begin to get into a fight. Sungyeol eventually tells Woohyun that he’s not the only one in pain so stop acting like it, but Woohyun simply tells him to get lost. Sungyeol won’t, though, and steps in front of Woohyun to say that he can’t take it anymore telling him to stay away from Seulbi since he can’t stand her suffering because of a guy like him.

Seulbi walks away okay, with only some scratches, but she got the reward money for finding the lost dog thinking that if she could find a lost dog everyday then she’d be able to pay back the loan in no time. Woohyun is at home in Grandma’s room looking at her lipstick telling himself that he should’ve told her that she was beautiful. He pulls out the bank books next thinking how she worked so hard for it despite knowing that she was sick and how he should’ve taken her on a trip with it. In the end he thinks that they’re idiots saying that there’s so much money but there are no fond memories associated with it.

The gangsters are outside the restaurant that night and Seulbi approaches them. She tells them that she’ll work hard to pay back the rest and hands over the envelope. The gangsters look at the amount and tell her that it’ll take the rest of her life if she pays it like that, but she swears that she’ll pay it back as soon as she can, that she’ll do whatever it takes. They ask how she’ll do it and he asks about the bite, but she only apologizes.

That’s when the other gangster comments that her looks aren’t bad saying that there are many ways to pay them back as he touches her face. A hand knocks his away and it’s Woohyun. The gangster throws the money in Woohyun’s face and Seulbi kneels down to pick it up. The second gangster tells Woohyun that he better pay them back casting a look at Seulbi to insinuate what will happen if he doesn’t.

Once they leave Seulbi tells Woohyun that they can do it if they all try. She stands up after picking up the money and tells Woohyun that there are a lot of jobs for high schoolers. Woohyun bluntly tells her that that means they’ll spend their lifetime earning petty cash asking if that’s her dream or wish telling her to have fun with that then.

He tries to go inside but Seulbi blocks him. He tells her that he doesn’t want it and it’s useless, knocking her out of the way. She ends up falling into the plant and he seems shocked to see the extent of her injuries and bruising from working. That’s when Seulbi asks if he ever thought about how much it would hurt Grandma to see him like that.

Woohyun yells that he’s hurt because Grandma left him and Seulbi wonders about herself saying that he’s not alone, she’s there. She gave up everything so that he wouldn’t be alone and asks that he not do that. But Woohyun tells her just to leave again. That’s when a pot gets moved to right over Woohyun’s head. Seulbi sees it and moves him before it’s able to hit either of them. They both hit the ground and stare at the pot.

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