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That night, after the whole pot incident, Woohyun is inside, is it just me or did he get a haircut? Anyway, he’s tending to Seulbi’s scratches. She expresses her relief that there were no injuries, but Woohyun points out that she’s the one injured, well with her scratches and bruising. Seulbi clarifies saying that she’s glad he didn’t get hurt. Woohyun asks if she’s sure she doesn’t have to go to the hospital and Seulbi smiles while nodding her head.

Woohyun scolds her for smiling asking what’s so great about getting hurt but Seulbi still stays positive saying that she thinks she can live now that Woohyun is talking to her again. Woohyun starts to say something about what happened earlier but doesn’t finish telling Seulbi to get some rest.

After Woohyun leaves Seulbi sits in her room and thinks about what happened. We see that after Woohyun pushed Seulbi out of the way, Sunbae was the one who lifted the pot over Woohyun’s head and brought it down. Seulbi wonders if it was Sunbae and thinks that there’s no way.

In his own room Woohyun thinks that he must’ve seen wrong, but shakes his head at the thought knowing that he saw it. He wonders if it was a ghost or an apparition bringing shivers to his body.

It’s a new day at Sungyeol’s house who gives an investment proposal to his father and Stepmother. He tells them that he researched about the customers and how the shop could stand out saying that it’s a shop with tradition so there are regular customers. He also adds that it could pay more than interest from the bank.

His father is impressed with him but breaks the news that he has no money to invest. Sungyeol asks if there’s no way before leaving to go to school. Once he’s gone his father worries about Sungyeol investing in his friends in the future but then turns the topic to the shop investment. He says that they could help if they had leftover savings and thinks that Woohyun and Seulbi are too young to run a shop saying it’d be nice if they could help.

Seulbi comes down ready for school when she hears banging around in the kitchen. She cautiously goes back there to see Woohyun all ready to go to school. He immediately complains about the messiness saying that he can’t take a break but Seulbi is just happy that he’s returned.

The bickering between them returns and ends with Seulbi telling Woohyun to do well from now on since it’s been a long time since she’s seen his smile. She wonders what they’ll do about the shop and Woohyun says that they’ll find a way.

He asks why she always butts in and takes away his chance and when asked what chance he says his chance of protecting her. Seulbi says that it doesn’t matter who protects who, but Woohyun tells her that she just doesn’t understand men. He begins to go on about what a man feels when he can’t protect his woman turning the atmosphere a bit awkward. He finally says that they should just go to school.

Yena finds Chunshik coming out of the teacher’s lounge and immediately wonders if he told about the phone and he nods his head. She asks if he’s insane and told them about her as well but he didn’t, he only told them about himself telling Yena that she can tell them about her. She wonders if he isn’t afraid of Jaesuk and he says he is but he’s more afraid of being a coward leaving her standing there.

Woohyun and Seulbi enter the classroom to the stares of others but they both calmly take their seats, Woohyun and Sungyeol exchanging glances. When Seulbi waves to him, Sungyeol notices the bandage on her arm. When Yena waves to Woohyun, he ignores her. She decides to text Woohyun apologizing and telling of the incident but Youngeun takes her phone before she can.

Coach comes in to start the day and before he can actually start, Youngeun stands up and tells the class, and Coach, that it was Yena that put the phone in Seulbi’s bag saying it bothered her conscience. Of course it did. She further explains that Yena did it to frame Seulbi.

Coach then has everyone put their bags on the desk and Yena looks as miserable as ever. And like that the seating gets switched as Coach tells them of the new rules, like no dating. He says that he put them in parings that can’t result in a relationship. Like Yena and Woohyun sitting together, Youngeun and Kisoo, a lackey and the female employee, an ever ecstatic girl who looks happy to be sitting next to the other lackey. And then there’s Sungyeol and Seulbi, which I’m not sure how well Coach thought that one out.

Sungyeol stares at Seulbi’s bandages again and Seulbi tells him that she fell down. Sungyeol just tells her that she should be careful. Woohyun sees the interaction with a sad face and before officially, and finally, starting their day, Coach sends Yena to the counseling room.

It’s there that she sits with tears in her eyes and Coach says that he’ll give her a duty, of which she misunderstands. We don’t get to hear what it is.

Sungyeol is in the bathroom when Woohyun comes in. Woohyun asks if he’s happy to see him but Sungyeol is more concerned about Seulbi’s injuries. Woohyun gives him the vague answer that something happened but Sungyeol wants to know why Woohyun’s always allowing her to get hurt.

The two start to get into a fight over Seulbi and Sungyeol tells Woohyun that it’s a fair start now. Woohyun wants to know what means and Sungyeol tells him that he’s going to start going after Seulbi too.

During their break the girls all crowd around Seulbi asking how she is and apologizing over the fact that they misunderstood her. Most of them now throw Yena under the bus which earns some side glare from Youngeun.

Sungyeol stumbles upon them, as well as Woohyun, and both call out to her. Woohyun cares to point out the difference such as saying ‘Lee Seulbi’ and ‘Seulbi-ah’ when they call for her. Woohyun ends up going up to her and telling her it’s time to spend time with him, taking her away with him. Sungyeol walks by and exchanges glances with Youngeun who calls out his name, but he ignores her and keeps walking.

Yena then appears asking if everyone wants to go to the cafeteria saying it’s her treat, but the girls begin to chide her for framing Seulbi as they start to get their digs in one by one. But it’s Youngeun that puts the nail in the coffin when she tells the girls that she’ll buy and they all follow her. She also makes it a point to knock into Yena on her way out.

Chunshik is at the vending machine when Jaesuk and his lackeys come up to him. They start to bully him but for once, Chunshik stands up to them and is able to walk away. Jaesuk then yells at his lackeys for not doing their proper job and hits them on the head. That’s when Coach appears announcing that he got them.

It’s class time again and Sungyeol keeps looking at Seulbi sleeping on her desk. He moves his hand over so that the sun doesn’t get in her eyes and she moves her head the other way where Woohyun is sleeping in her direction. Sungyeol wonders to himself why in the world Seulbi likes Woohyun when he only causes her pain wondering ifs he would like him if he caused her pain. Woohyun slowly opens his eyes to see Seulbi lying there and smiles to himself.

Jaesuk and his lackeys now have someone else to pick on after Chunshik. When that student returns to class he angrily approaches Chunshik and says that it’s all his fault saying that if Chunshik doesn’t get bullied then everyone else will be instead asking him what he’s going to do.

Out in the hallway our female employee, whose name I believe is Jooah, I saw the name tag, congratulates Seulbi on clearing her name. Seulbi hands her her book back thanking her and saying that it was really handy. Jooah assumes that that means that Seulbi liked the book and tells Seulbi that she’s a little strange, a little different from everyone else, kind of like she’s from a fairytale.

She uses slang when talking to Seulbi, but Seulbi doesn’t get it and it has to be explained to her. When Jooah asks if she doesn’t even know that Seulbi fakes it with a chuckle saying that she heard it before, just forgot, yet wonders why everyone abbreviates words. Jooah tells her that people do it in order to study, play games, and chat with one another since there’s no time to write everything out. Seulbi just nods her head and then excuses herself before the situation gets any worse.

She heads to the library and attempts to reach a high book when Woohyun is there to help her. It’s a book called ‘Everything About The Angel That Became Human.’ When he hands it to her Woohyun asks why she keeps smiling during class. Seulbi doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Woohyun says that she keeps smiling at Sungyeol and looks like an idiot while doing it.

Seulbi smiles and says that Woohyun’s jealous. He feigns innocence and says that in order to be jealous you have to lack something, he has too much of everything. Seulbi tells him he has too much jealousy. That’s when she notices the books on the top shelf moving and drags Woohyun away before they can fall on him.

Now that her suspicions are high aroused, Seulbi runs out of the school calling for Sunbae. She finds him there and he begins to walk away. She’s persistent, following him and asking why he’s doing that. Sunbae stops and turns around asking about her too, he says that she always gets hurt trying to save him, the him being Woohyun. He asks why.

Seulbi tells him that angels are supposed to save humans but that only causes Sunbae to get a bit angrier as he informs her that she’s not an angel anymore. She throws it back at him saying that he doesn’t deserve to be an angel because he’s putting a human in danger. That must really hit a nerve because he immediately disappears. We then see that Woohyun was watching the entire encounter from behind a pillar, having followed Seulbi out.

He ends up going back to the library and picks up the book Seulbi was reaching for and begins reading. Sunbae enters the library then and stares at Woohyun. As Woohyun reads he remembers back to the first time he met Seulbi, when he fell from the roof and was stopped, suspended in the air from crashing down on who was then angel Seulbi. Woohyun also thinks about the time Seulbi called out to the sky during their early encounters and it suddenly all makes sense.

Woohyun reads the book and sees a line that states “the moment she reveals she’s an angel she goes back.” Woohyun figures that he has to pretend like he doesn’t know and can’t ask Seulbi about it.

Our residential president of the former angels, who I’m probably going to just refer to as Former Angel, or maybe FA for short, suddenly appears in the library and drops his books. Sunbae looks kind of shocked to see him there. So maybe Sunbae can see him after all?

Woohyun looks down at the books and see that they’re all about angels. He picks one up and our resident FA tells Woohyun that his silence will protect his love before a book falls on his head. The others start to move and it’s Sunbae controlling them. FA knows and grabs Sunbae’s arm. Ah, so they do know of each other’s existence then? Woohyun just sees it as FA standing there.

Okay, Sunbae didn’t know that FA was a former angel because his eyes widen in surprise, I guess over the fact that he can see him, and FA tells him that he was going to do his best to avoid Sunbae, but he had enough of him and tells Sunbae to follow.

The two take it outside and we finally learn of FA’s real name, which I guess I’ll use. It’s Choi Sungguk and we learn that he was former angel number 1, so I guess he was a highly ranked angel, and he’s apparently the very first angel to become a human. He tells Sunbae that he was pretty popular when he was angel so he’s probably heard of his name before. When Sunbae doesn’t seem to move or respond, he asks if he must recite his credentials to him. Sunbae tells him he doesn’t and apologizes for not recognizing him.

Sungguk gets right to the point and asks Sunbae if he wants to become a human telling him to be a man and make his decision. Sunbae tells him that he has no interest in it. Sungguk says that when a human finds out that an angel is an angel then they have to go back to being an angel asking if Sunbae is trying to abuse that. As in he’s trying to make Woohyun aware of that fact so that Seulbi is forced to become an angel again.

Sungguk tells him that it’s distasteful and that he can understand that he misses Seulbi, but Sunbae interrupts him and say that angels don’t long for humans, getting angry. Sungguk points out that he’s feeling human emotions and asks why he’s showing them. Sunbae says he’s not. In the end Sungguk says that it won’t work and tells Sunbae that he needs to get hit, asking for his forehead.

Sunbae gives it and Sungguk is going to hit him with a rubber band, but he ends up hitting himself in the face saying that the red is pain and he’s going to take the pain with him demonstrating love. He gives Sunbae the rubber band before he leaves.

Everyone is still ignoring Yena in the classroom, Youngeun is still being the new ring leader. They include Seulbi in their conversation, although she makes the mistake of putting some hand lotion on her face. They figure she must want to get pretty and impress someone and when Seulbi goes to hand the lotion to Yena, Youngeun intercepts it.

Coach comes in for class and hands out their report cards. Turns out that Sungyeol has dropped to second and the new first place is Seulbi, shocking the class. Sungyeol and Seulbi exchange a high five and former second place, Sukhoon, eyes them. Woohyun also seems shocked, or maybe jealous.

When he’s leaving school he wonders if it’s talent or an angel ability. Seulbi calls out to him telling him to hurry up and he catches up to them when Kisoo asks Seulbi what the extent of her abilities are saying she’s really mysterious. Woohyun says it was all luck and Sungyeol says luck is a skill, too. Seulbi tells Woohyun that she’s good with luck and ability and tells Woohyun he should be like that and runs away. Woohyun chases after her.

The two later leave the bank where Woohyun announces that he’s bankrupt. And there’s his new hairdo again, so I guess I’m not crazy. It suddenly became long again in the beginning, but now it looks a bit shorter. Anyway Seulbi tells him that he could earn more money but Woohyun tells her he’d never be able to make enough.

She asks of the loan sharks will return and Woohyun says that they won’t for the time being asking if he should throw money at them. Seulbi, always the frugal type, tells him that if he has money he should throw it into her hands.

Seulbi worries that they won’t be able to run the shop and wonders if they should ask the new owners. Turns out that the shop has been sold, but Seulbi tells him that it’s a relief that he’s still able to keep the house, since it is attached to the restaurant and all. Woohyun tells her that they can run the shop for now and that they should do their best so they can buy it back.

Seulbi begins to ask something but Woohyun cuts her off telling her not to ask about his parents. She wonders if he has the ability to read her mind and he tells her that it’s written on her face. She still says that they should look for them, she’s sure they’d be able to find them. Woohyun doesn’t want to, though, he doesn’t want to see people who abandoned him.

At that statement, Seulbi calls Woohyun a liar. Woohyun then says that he’ll never look for them and she calls him out on his lie again. Whoops, kind of forgot that Seulbi is able to detect when someone’s lying. Woohyun looks a bit worried, since he now knows she’s an angel and all, and says that he only needs her, which doesn’t sound like a lie. He says that the truth can be seen, but the phone rings before Seulbi can say anything.

They get an order for 100 orders and the two quickly get to work in the kitchen. They have Kisoo come and help them as well. As they’re packing up the orders Woohyun tells them that they shouldn’t try to cause too much trouble, they should just deliver the orders. Kisoo tells Woohyun he’s the best and uses some more slang that causes Seulbi to be confused. Kisoo wonders how she’s so good at studying if she frequently gets confused and Woohyun says that it’s because girls like her are socially awkward.

Once they’ve finished packing Woohyun notes that it’s a lot for them to take. That’s when Sungyeol walks through the door. Woohyun wants to know why he’s there and Seulbi admits that she called him asking him to come and help out. Kisoo compares the two of them to Tom and Jerry saying that they should get a move on. That’s when Chunshik and Jooah enter.

Like that, all six of them head out to the place of the delivery, but it’s empty. Jaesuk and his lackeys arrive and it suddenly falls into place. Jaesuk asks what they’re doing there and Woohyun tells them that they’re the one who ordered dropping the box. Seulbi holds him back, though, making sure to tell him that Grandma said not to fight.

Jaesuk and Woohyun begin their stand-off and Jaesuk grabs Woohyun by the collar asking if he should make it worse for Woohyun. But it’s at that moment that Chunshik throws one of the containers at the lackeys. He looks shocked to have done so, but he tells them that they went too far. Jaesuk immediately heads for Chunshik but is stopped by Woohyun and Sungyeol, then Seulbi stands in front of them.

Seulbi points her finger at Jaesuk and Woohyun immediately gets on edge and drags her away. Before Jaesuk can get to them, Sungyeol steps in front of him asking if he’s ashamed for losing every time. He picks up the box that Woohyun dropped and he and the rest of the gang leave.

Once they leave one of the lackeys, Taeho, complains about how they get embarrassed and the smell that is now on his clothes from the tteokbokki being thrown by Chunshik. Angry, Jaesuk goes over and punches Taeho taking his leave. Byungwook, the other lackey, is still there, though, and helps him get up.

Not letting the food go to waste, Woohyun and the gang go around giving out samples of the food asking people to come to their shop. Woohyun, who is going around with Chunshik, thanks him saying he’s really grown up, he can even help him now.

Seulbi and Jooah are out on their own promoting the shop and Seulbi tells her thanks. Jooah tells her that she’s repaying her for cleaning the classroom by herself. Seulbi calls her a good friend. When Jooah goes off to promote some more, Seulbi spies Sungyeol surrounded by a bunch of girls and handing out some samples. They exchange smiles.

Yena meets Youngeun at a playground asking her how she could turn on her. Youngeun just scoffs saying that Yena used her. The two get into a verbal fight and Youngeun tells Yena that she wants to look good to Sungyeol, too, but in the end just says to forget about it telling Yena to try and take some responsibility.

Before Youngeun can leave Yena tells her that she spent a lot of money and has done a lot of things for her. Youngeun angrily tells Yena to say that one more time and Yena immediately shuts up, only for a moment since the next question asks how Youngeun will survive without her. Youngeun asks if she’s a beggar and is about to hit Yena when Sungyeol and Seulbi arrive at the scene.

Seulbi shows concern for Yena who just brushes her off and Youngeun is frozen in place. Sungyeol asks how could she and states that she’s worse than he thought, breaking Youngeun’s heart. The two leave her standing there.

Kisoo is sitting outside of a convenience store eating when he sees a little girl looking wistfully inside. When the girl sits he offers to make conversation, but she doesn’t talk. He sees her looking at the tteokbokki and asks her if she wants to try. She eats and a smile grows on her face as she says it’s tasty.

Kisoo tells her that he has a younger sister her age and asks if she’s waiting for someone. He says her sister and Kisoo exclaims that she must be pretty. Turns out the older sister is Youngeun, the girl is Na Yeeun. Kisoo is nervous upon Youngeun’s arrival and Youngeun, already angry, tells her sister that she told her not to eat food from strangers.

Yeeun tells her that she’s hungry and that food shouldn’t be thrown away. Kisoo notices Youngeun’s face asking if she cried, but Youngeun only tells her to be quiet and takes her younger sister away.

That night at the house Woohyun joins Seulbi out at the table. He has a calendar with him and asks when Seulbi’s birthday is. She doesn’t remember so he decides to make it the first day she arrived. He tells her that they should mark all of their anniversaries and when asked why, he says that they’ll become memories and makes sure that Seulbi knows to tell him right away if she’s ever sick. He takes away her books telling her that she doesn’t need to study, since she’s first anyway, and tells her to get some rest.

He then secretly goes into the closet and finds the clothes that Seulbi wore the first day, the black dress. Seulbi suddenly comes in wondering why he already laid out the blankets saying she could’ve done it. Woohyun hides the dress behind his back and says that he thought she’d be tired and sneaks out of the room. But Seulbi is suspicious, wondering if Woohyun knows or whether she’s meant to tell him.

Woohyun hides the dress in the box figuring that she can’t return if she doesn’t have those clothes and telling himself that he doesn’t know. He says that he only knows her and tells her not to go back as he kisses his necklace.

It’s the morning and Sungyeol stares at the wedding invite from his mother on his phone. His father comes in at that moment to talk about the wedding. He tells Sungyeol that they should send their congratulations. Sungyeol asks if that’s possible for him since they’re in the same position and wonders if he should just shut up and study since it’s adult business. Sungyeol vows that he’s not going to live like his father and that he won’t meet a woman like his mother, storming out of the room.

Sungyeol does end up going to the venue of the wedding, but he stands outside where he thinks that he can’t send his congratulations or bless the marriage, asking his mother not to ask for that. He turns to leave, occasionally looking back, and thinking that she must make sure she’s happy this time before breaking out into a run.

Woohyun and Seulbi are out doing errands when Seulbi spots Sungyeol and runs up to him. She wonders if something’s up or if he’s feeling sick, both of which Sungyeol says no to. Woohyun comes up asking if he’s missed him, hence the reason why he’s always around and Sungyeol plainly says that he’s not in the mood for joking.

Seulbi notices the sign they’re standing next to and says that they should try it. It’s a black bean noodle eating contest and the winner gets money. And so, all three of them enter the contest. In the end it’s Seulbi who wins.

She counts the money at home and wishes that they had those types of contests every day because they could eat for free and make money. Sungyeol calls her unique because other girls would just watch a contest like that and Woohyun pipes up saying that Seulbi really likes black bean noodles.

Seulbi asks why Woohyun didn’t eat the noodles during the contest, since he’s eating in the kitchen but Woohyun says that he likes eating that food better. It’s the food that Sungyeol brought from his house and he expresses his jealousy towards Sungyeol for getting to eat that food every day. Seulbi comes over to try some but Woohyun smacks her hand away, protecting his food.

It appears Sungyeol is staying the night and Woohyun tells him to consider it an honor since he doesn’t give his bed to anyone. As Woohyun lays out the blankets he tells Sungyeol that if he really had no place to go he should’ve gone to a sauna or another friend’s house but realizes that Sungyeol probably doesn’t have any other friends but him and wonders what’s up with Sungyeol running away.

Sungyeol says that he’s not running away, just sleeping out of the house and when asked if he contacted his parents, he asked which ones naming his various sets saying he’s wondering which one to call. Woohyun asks why he has so many and he has none but Sungyeol points out that he just can’t get in contact with them. That causes Woohyun to say that he has over 300 people in his phone and none are his parents, so it’s like they don’t exist.

Woohyun throws his phone to Sungyeol, who’s lying down on the bed, and tells him to call his parents or go home. Sungyeol just wants to make them wait since he’s the one who’s always waiting. Woohyun asks why he’s getting depressing and Sungyeol announces that his mother got married that day and tells Woohyun to turn off the lights.

Woohyun ends up leaving the room and goes to put the now empty containers into the bag. Woohyun thinks to himself that he feels bad since Grandma always said to repay food with food. And so, Woohyun heads to the police station handing back the bag to Sungyeol’s father telling him to thank Sungyeol’s mother, and hands over tteokbokki as well. When asked about Sungyeol, Woohyun says that he can sleep at his house, that way Sungyeol won’t be lonely.

Sungyeol is up that night with indigestion and Seulbi gets ready to prick his finger. He notes that the way she’s doing it is how older people do it and Seulbi begins to say that she’s lived a long life before simply telling him to trust her. She apologizes to him telling him not to be sick, but Sungyeol thinks he should because Seulbi is with him when he is.

A moment passes between them before Sungyeol asks Seulbi if she could look at him if she has time. He says he waited for his parents all day and then fell asleep and even waited for his mom although he knew she wouldn’t come. He says he’s great at waiting. Seulbi gets up to leave but Sungyeol immediately grabs her arm saying that he tells himself not to smile if she does, not to respond if she talks to him, but he’s never been able to do that and tells her that he’ll wait.

Seulbi paces outside of the restaurant later that night when Woohyun arrives. Seulbi doesn’t notice him and knocks into his chest. Woohyun tells her that it looks like she was waiting for him, a fact she doesn’t deny and she asks if it’s good to wait for someone. Woohyun thinks for a moment before telling her that it’s hard to wait for someone who won’t come but if someone comes like he does, then it would be worth it. Woohyun wants to know why she’s curious but Seulbi shakes her head saying it’s nothing.

Stepmother has gotten the packages from her husband and takes out the tteokbokki that night. She finds the note from Woohyun that thanks her and calls her the best cook and she falls to the chair, breaking down into tears and telling herself that they should live while not knowing one another and apologies.

It’s morning and we see that during the night Sungyeol ventured down to the floor, so both boys are wrapped around each other shirtless. A good fan moment there.

Woohyun wakes first and then both boys scream as they begin to squirm in the blankets. Seulbi comes in upon hearing the screams and both boys freak out even more. When they finally get themselves untangled they sit at the kitchen table where Woohyun tells Sungyeol that he gave him his bed, not his body. Sungyeol wonders if Woohyun pulled him down and the boys begin to argue about who violated who.

Seulbi wonders if something happened as she presents the food to them but it only ends in awkward silence, that Woohyun picks up and asks about. Sungyeol tries to change the atmosphere by noticing that they’re having tteokbokki for breakfast but Woohyun tells him that they have tteokbokki for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and begins talking about violating other people again. Sungyeol shuts him up with a spoonful of tteokbokki.

Seulbi just tells them that they look good together saying that they’re like best friends, a claim both boys deny. Seulbi then says that they should go somewhere she’s always wanted to go. That’s how they end up at the sauna.

While they’re in the locker room, Sungyeol sees the necklace, recognizing it as the one that he got from the pool for Seulbi, the one thought was actually Seulbi’s. Woohyun doesn’t know, though, and tells him he has a good eye, but says he can’t give Sungyeol the necklace or Seulbi.

Sungyeol wants to know when Woohyun will let Seulbi go home, Woohyun tells him that he’s respecting her wishes. Sungyeol asks if he should ask his father, but Woohyun becomes a little flustered but says that he can do it telling that Seulbi’s parents passed away and that she probably had a hard life before.

When they meet up with Seulbi they’re having a contest, the person who lasts the shortest amount of time buys. Both boys end up running out, already having broken a sweat before the timer even started.

Seulbi loves the sauna, Woohyun says it’s only because there’s a lot to eat. Seulbi cracks a head on both of the boys’ heads and Woohyun turns around to do the same to her, but she hides behind Sungyeol who cracks one on Woohyun. Sungyeol and Seulbi stand up to run away but they run into two adults, who turn out to be Stepmother and Sungyeol’s father.

Sungyeol tries to escape the situation, but his father holds onto his wrist and introduces Stepmother as Sungyeol’s mother shocking Sungyeol. Seulbi and Woohyun are also surprised and Sungyeol tries to change the subject to find out what they’re doing there. His father says that Stepmother was a little tired and that they came to enjoy the sauna. He also thanks Woohyun for becoming friends with Sungyeol.

The four start to have a good time together, the kids and Sungyeol’s father but Stepmother seems to be awkward with the entire thing.

Seulbi looks out the window at Sungyeol and his family while Woohyun lies down on a bench. When Woohyun sits up, she joins him wondering why Sungyeol didn’t say anything about Stepmother being his mother. Woohyun tells her that Sungyeol doesn’t like awkward things. He also adds that people normally don’t explain who their mother is.

Seulbi stares at Woohyun and thinks that it must be great to have a family, Woohyun says that it depends on who the family is. Seulbi begins talking about Woohyun’s father, to which he denies having one, and asks if he wants to find his mother, her existence he also denies. She begins to say that she has something to tell him, asking him to trust her no matter what she does.

She continues talking as Woohyun blows a bubble with his gum and subsequently kisses her, getting closer until the bubble pops as he thinks for Seulbi not to say anything because he doesn’t care about her past, he just wants her to stay with him.

Sungyeol walks past at that moment and sees the sight.





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