Hamamat converts pleated skirt to a dress

Hamamat Montia is all about dancing today as she invites fans to dance with her in a snippet from her James Town fish market video shoot.

The free-spirited model shared a nice African proverb on music and dance, but something about her bright appearance caught our attention; her ‘fashion experiment’ of converting skirt into a dress.

Dazzling in her bright orange outfit, she said in her Instagram post, “when the music changes, so does the dance … so make sure you go along with the beat Kings and Queens,”

Well, Hamamat did not just change her dance to the tune, but her fashion as well. And since fashion is about versatility, that is permitted, but did it work for Miss Montia? You be the judge.

Watch video below:



EnterGhana.com | Credit:Aasempanews.com | Hamamat converts pleated skirt to a dress

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