Guest Blog: Extinct of our future generation

I am tempted to believe the future does not look bright bearing in mind the current happenings in our society. We have lost our values, cultures and traditions that defines who we are to Western cultures and to some extent religious beliefs.

Yes I agree, civilization is a major factor but I believe we have devalued our very own beliefs and adopted a lifestyle which is difficult to fit in. This has caused greed, unquenchable desire for materialistic items, blood money, robbery, false prophets etc.

Some parents hardly find time to spend with their wards due to the pursuit of wealth, the youngsters do not have respect for adults, married couples are fornicating, indecent dressing is found everywhere you turn, uncensored way of communication is the norm we practice today. Where lies the future if we continue this way?

We are all to blame, some may not agree with me but it is my opinion anyway. I think we must change our mindsets if we want to leave behind a legacy for the future. The sustainability of the future begins today not tomorrow. Let us not lose our conscience to greed and desperation of making wealth for ourselves.

Our minds must be conscious of the menace that surrounds us. Let us not give in to too much superstition and waver in faith. Our creator never sleeps, He sees and hears everything, we just must have faith in Him and keep praying without ceasing.

My advice to the younger generation; nothing comes easy in life, sacrifices would have to be made before gains. Please be patient during the pursuit of your goals. Here is a little scenario: I see many young men and women hitting the gym to build an attractive physic. The question is how do you achieve that? You go through pain to gain right?

Such is life! Before metal was made, it had to go through fire to be formed. To my co-parents, let us not forget it is our responsibility to bring up our children to be God fearing and responsible in society. Finding and spending time with them should never be undermined if we want to see them grown to be achievers.

We were created and given a free will, it means we must identify what is right from wrong and follow the righteous path that will lead us closer to God. Do not be fooled, you are God’s creation, believe in you, change your ways and the Lord will grant your heart desires.

I stand corrected of my heart felt opinion but I hope to see changes moving forward and I pray God grants us the wisdom of understanding.
 | Credit: Cleo S. Brown | Guest Blog: Extinct of our future generation

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