Gasmilla to be given honorary award at 2016 VGMA

If what George Quaye, said on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra on Saturday is anything to go by, then Gasmilla will be given an honorary award at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.  

The member of the board explaining the board’s decision not to have the Music for Development this year said it was only Gasmilla whose “Fale Fale” song came with a project. According to him, it is expected of an artiste to back his song with a project before earning a nomination for Music for Development so it came up in their meetings to make it an honorary award.

“…so we decided, ‘why not make it an honorary award?’” he said.

A number of industry players had said that the board was unfair to Gasmilla for not nominating him even if he was the only artiste to have satisfied the requirements for the Music for Development.

The Gasmilla beach clean up exercise

Gasmilla, the year under review, released “Fale Fale”, shot a video and embarked on beach clean-up exercises during the Homowo festivities. | Credit: Abrantepa | Gasmilla to be given honorary award at 2016 VGMA

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