We see contrasting scenes of Miggy crying in the Hollywood house while Fabiola appears to be the best recruit of all.
Sam is 3 months late. And she’s only now talking about a pregnancy? Ángela is only a week late. They surmise that Lorena might have been lying about Sam not being ever able to be pregnant again. They decide to get some drugstore tests.
Willy says that Thelma didn’t deserve to be a mother, while some [Sam] so want to be one.

D8D is griping about not being able to accommodate El Verdugo by finding Miggy.
We see some hallmarks of a novela extension: quite a few grayed-out memory scenes. Miggy is remembering the wonderful few days he had with Fabiola.
Gus comes to take Ángela to move in with him while JM, of course, is there because of the issue of Jessica and overhears it. Gus and JM glare at each other a bit.
El Jefe tells his old buddy Nuñez about Clara being pregnant with Sam and Willy’s child. He shows him the folder with the proof of the insemination. He wants someone else to know this because D8D threatened Nicolás and, besides, he hasn’t given up on getting Sam. [¡Qué!]
Willy and Sam have to tell Jessica that her mother wanted her with D8D and the judge ordered it.
We see more training of the unusually attractive recruits at the Army base [Just for you, Hombre!]

Génesis and Violeta overheard Sam and Ángela talking about pregnancies. Génesis runs for the phone to call her dad.
I guess Nuñez is a real rat. He goes straight to D8D and tells him about El Jefe’s proof of whose baby Clara is expecting. D8D pays Nuñez to get that file.
Miggy shows up at D8D’s place, and D8D asks Nuñez to stay and protect him. Nuñez doesn’t stand a chance against Miggy, nor does the other guard outside. [Oh how I love to see D8D take a beating! And Miggy kicks his cane out from under him and decks him.] He tells him to tell Verdugo that HE has the map. Before he leaves, Miggy grabs up D8D and punches him in the stomach, saying it’s for old times sake.
JM assumes the baby is by Gus and tells Laura about it. Laura has some canary feathers around her mouth.
Miggy has given the stray pup, Cielo, to Génesis. He goes to the base and is refused permission to see Fabiola.

Gus notices the pregnancy test and tells her he doesn’t care if she’s expecting JM’s child. But Ángela says it was a false alarm.
Sammy is crying from sheer emotion and tells Willy she’s pregnant. They have a very joyful few minutes, but Sam is worried later about losing this baby. Willy says they have to think positively. She swears Willy to secrecy about the pregnancy, but he immediately blurts it out to Nic, Jessica and El Jefe. D8D is right behind these three, having come to pick up Jessica. He grins and offers fake congratulations.
Miggy has come to see Gus. He tells him he fell in love. He’s worried about Fabiola and says he’ll try to defeat El Verdugo for her.

El Jefe tells D8D they lost Samantha this time for sure. D8D says only death is sure.
About a dozen thugs show up to capture Miggy. He’s eventually subdued and handcuffed. We see Fabiola in the shower having the pain in her chest so beloved of telenovela writers, showing that she knows her man is in danger. The head of the thugs is Dingo or Ringo, whatever. I prefer Dingo. Fabiola faints in the shower. Uh oh. I know she’s worried about Miggy but fainting usually means only one thing.
El Jefe is getting drunk and telling his old buddy Nuñez he has decided not to keep quiet since he’s lost all chance at Sam. And he doesn’t want D8D to get his way. Uh oh. Nuñez calls D8D right away.

Miggy is strung up by Dingo. He tells him he has the map. He doesn’t want to talk to the clowns, but to the circus owner – El Verdugo.
El Jefe gets in his car and receives a text from Clara wanting to meet him.
Apparently weeks of hot and cold running thugs have finally made an impact on Clara. She tells D8D she’s worried about all the things happening in his house. And, for once, no sappy smile.

Gus is worried that Miggy isn’t returning his calls and decides to go look for him.
JM comes to congratulate Ángela about her pregnancy, looking anything but happy. More like petulant. She asks him where he got that idea. When he tells her, she says the girls misunderstood. She’s not pregnant. She thought for a moment she might have been; but, if so, it would have been JM’s. Laura overhears this.
D8D shows up wearing a wig to look like Clara and gets into Esteban’s car.
We see lots of Miggy being tortured and then the lights go out where they have him. We see lots of those laser pointers on guns, shots, and guys falling down. They call out Miggy’s name. We see him unconscious, suspended by his wrists. And we see a brief shot of one of my favorite actor’s faces: Gregorio Pernia.


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