The DEA guys release the unconscious Miggy. The head guy says that they got there too late and that’s too bad.
After her fainting spell, an officer tells FF that if she isn’t healthy, she will have to leave. FF replies that she wants to stay. The woman tells her that Miggy came looking for her but visits are not allowed.
The disguised D8D threatens El Jefe with a gun. Then he says that he wants to experience the pleasure of killing that the Reptile told him about. He shoots El Jefe. We see him walking back to his car and that there is a security camera in the parking lot.

Sam and Willy are celebrating her pregnancy but Sam tells Willy not to forget what el Jefe said about Lorena implanting other women with their embryos.
Miggy comes to. The DEA guy introduces himself as Javier Falcón. He says that he has been monitoring this place with hidden cameras since it has been used for drug operations. When they saw that Miggy was in danger, they aborted the operation and rescued him. I guess everyone who was in the place escaped – not a very good plan.
Javier asks Miggy what his relation to the drug operation was. Miggy replies that he has something that the narcos want and he has a personal score to settle with Verdugo.

I guess I was wrong that Clara is getting suspicious of D8D. She apologizes to D8D for questioning why D8D was dealing with shady folk. She says that she knows he wouldn’t do anything bad. D8D gives her a ring and asks if she would like to marry him the next day.
FF tells her army friend that she has survived terrible things and is tough but the worst thing that has happened to her is to fall in love.
Miggy refuses to go to the hospital and Javier brings him home.
Sam gets the call that el Jefe has been killed.

D8D takes the clothes he wore when shot el Jefe and burns them in the wastebasket of his house!!! First, they wouldn’t burn without some accelerant, they would just smolder. Second, what about the smoke alarms? What about cleaning people who might be surprised to find half burnt up clothes in the wastebasket?
Laura and JM are sitting in a car outside his house, I think. JM repeats that he wants to get Angie out of his life and Laura suggests that he forget Angie with her. They are kissing when up comes the Reptile in a blond wig and 6 inch heels and tries to kill them by shooting at the car with the gun D8D gave her for self protection. She misses and escapes but Laura sees that the shooter was a woman. Laura is furious with herself for being distracted and not doing her job of protecting JM.

Javier asks Miggy to work with him to capture Verdugo. Miggy agrees.
JM asks Duval if the Reptile is dead, who was the woman who tried to kill him?
Back at the hideout, the Reptile quizzes D8D about who the woman with JM was. D8D scolds her for trying to kill JM. He warns to do as he says or he won’t take her to Verdugo. He says that Verdugo will help her get what she wants.
FF has a dream that Miggy has come for her.
The police have a theory that JM was targeted because he killed a narco. Miggy pours cold water on that theory. He says that when he was captured by the narcos, they were not interested in JM.

Sam and Willy tell Nic that el Jefe has been murdered.
D8D brings Jessica to comfort Nic. He shows some concern when Gus tells everyone that the security camera in the parking lot got pictures of el Jefe’s killer.
Javier proposes to Miggy that they use FF’s map, go find the treasure and give the $$ to the Colombian government. Miggy is suspicious, how does Javier know about the map? Javier responds that they know all about FF’s father and the treasure. Javier shows Miggy photos of Ringo, Verdugo’s right hand man and Verdugo in a ridiculous mask like lucha libre fighters wear.

The Reptile gets a huge bouquet of flowers from Verdugo.
Laura tells JM that she wants to quit her bodyguarding duties because she screwed up and let her personal feelings interfere with her duty. JM asks her not to leave him.
Javier tells Miggy that the DEA is after a person who helps Verdugo with his business in the US – it’s D8D. [I guess the DEA isn’t keeping D8D under surveillance, bugging his offices or phones because he barely hides his activities.]

In his odious, smirky way, D8D tells Willy that he should be happy el Jefe is dead. He was a stone, no two stones in Willy’s shoe with his wife and son. He says that the killer did Willy a favor. Willy replies that he hated el Jefe but he didn’t want him or anyone dead.
Sam tells Gus that el Jefe called and told her that he had something important to tell her in person about Clara. D8D is sitting right there. Did he hear this?
Gracious D8D tells Sam that he is leaving Jessica with them for a while so she can be with Nic. He says that Clara and Bernardita have changed his life. Willy’s not buying this.

[Apparently el Jefe doesn’t merit a funeral scene.]
Miggy tells Javier that he doesn’t want the treasure and would love to give it to the Colombian government but the map doesn’t belong to him. It’s FF’s and she is in the army and is inaccessible. [He uses the English word – army – instead of the Spanish word for army – ejército.]
FF is at shooting practice and she remembers the voice of someone telling her to beware of Verdugo. She needs more than a map to protect herself. She needs to know a secret about Verdugo that no one else knows.
Javier makes the rounds of the cast with his pictures of Ringo and Verdugo. He’s a pretty chatty guy for a government agent.

Sam & Willy go to the doctor. She confirms the pregnancy and says that if Sam is indeed three month pregnant, there is no danger that this is an ectopic pregnancy.
Rodrigo brings two wedding dresses from Rodeo Drive shops for Clara to choose from. Camilo arrives. When Clara tries to hit him for dissing D8D, he suggests that she kiss him instead.
Javier tells JM, Miggy and Angie that Verdugo is a chauvinist and only uses men to do his business. Who could have tried to kill JM? The Reptile is the obvious suspect but she is dead. “Apparently,” says JM. Will he follow up an make sure that it was the Reptile’s body in the van? Probably not.

Clara is modeling one her wedding dresses for D8D when Gus arrives and says that she has to come in for questioning about the murder of el Jefe. At the police station, Clara denies that she was in the parking garage. Her alibi about being with her father is in the hospital is confirmed.
We get a montage of FF’s nine weeks in boot camp indicating a time jump forward. Then we see Sam eating like crazy.
Nic thanks his family for their support. Apparently Jessie has gone back to live with D8D.

Gus thanks Angie for the best 9 weeks of his life. [I guess I was wrong about that too. Presumably, they are having sex since she is living with him.] JM shows up with Laura to get JC. Laura tells Angie that she isn’t JM’s police protection anymore. She is living with him as his pareja – significant other. It’s not clear if she has quit the police or just quit her assignment with JM.
D8D brings the Reptile to meet Verdugo, still in his silly mask.
FF leaves the army base and Miggy is waiting for her.

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