Fearless Heart episode 93 (Monday 20th March)

I believe it was Novelera who called it. Ángela has that tried and true novela favorite: amnesia, but she remembers a fire.

Vicente tells Miggy that he has loved the Reptile since they were children but she only wanted him to help her with her plan to get JM.

Jefe and Sam take Nicolás to the clinic and they are told that he has a renal insufficiency, that is, his kidneys are not working properly. I see a kidney transplant in his future from one of his parents. Sam would do it in a second but there would be more drama if Willy were the compatable donor. There would be more blood testing perhaps showing that Sam and Willy aren’t related – let’s hope so.

The Reptile is showing Génesis how to dance [basically shaking her gigantic booty]. JM comes in and is happy about the way she is taking care of his children. [Where is Violeta? What about the Reptile being mean to her?]

Vicente goes on to tell Miggy that the Reptile married him only to be able to get close to JM as a non-threatening friend and when Ángela was out of the picture, she dumped him. Miggy brings up Vicente’s relationship with Paula. Vicente tells Miggy that he seduced Paula on the Reptile’s instructions to keep her away from JM. Miggy is no dummy. He draws the obvious conclusion that Ángela was a much bigger threat to the Reptile’s plan than Paula so did the Reptile have anything to do with Ángela ending up in jail? Vicente remembers the Reptile telling him that if she falls, he falls; they are both guilty of murder. He denies that the Reptile had anything to do with Ángela being accused of murder but he says it in such a way that Miggy is instantly suspicious.

Willy tries to warn Sam that El Jefe and Nicolás will do anything to keep Sam with them. Sam replies that they don’t need to, they already have her. Poor Willy walks away, defeated.

JM tells the Reptile that he was unjust to her and they kiss, etc.

Lorena comes over to keep Willy company. She tells him that he will find someone else to love. Willy says no. He will never love again. Before he met Sam, he was a guy of many women but no love and that is what he will be again. Willy is interested in Lorena as the vessel of his and Sam’s child, though. He invites her to move in with him so that he can make sure that everything is ok with the pregnancy. Lorena isn’t sure Sam will like her living with Willy.
Miggy is finally getting around to reading the information on the data key Cecilia gave him. He is in the kitchen of JM’s house. The Reptile comes in to get a drink. He asks her why she lied about the attack on her.

The Reptile denies that it was Vicente who attacked her. JM comes in. Miggy tells him that he has a witness and proof (the GPS) that the story the Reptile told about her attack was a lie. The Reptile asks JM if he believes Miggy and JM replies that he does.

Vicente goes to see D8D to tell him that Miggy is on the trail of the Reptile. D8D says that Miggy is the most dangerous enemy the Reptile has.

Peralta tries to get Emma to stop doing phone sex. She refuses saying that he is not her husband or her boyfriend and she’ll do what she wants.

Ángela asks Nora who she is and Nora tells her that her name is Lourdes.

The Reptile bursts into Miggy room and says that she will kill him. “So you are capable of murder,” Miggy responds calmly. He tells her that he knows she is hiding something and that their war has just begun.

Peralta calls Emma pretending to be a phone sex customer. When he suggests that they have a physical relationship for money, Emma hangs up and apparently quits the phone sex job.

JM asks the Reptile why she lied and blamed Ángela for the attack on her. The Reptile responds that she blamed Ángela because JM was sanctifying her. She says that the dead become good and Ángela wasn’t good. She gets on her knees and begs JM to forgive her.

Willy and Miggy [who was supposed to be going to Cecilia’s place] have a drink so that Willy can see Sam’s text message to Miggy asking him to find some women for Willy. When Willy grabs two bimbos and has Miggy send a picture of them to Sam, Sam is angry.

JM won’t forgive the Reptile. He tells her to leave his house.

Ángela tell Nora that she can’t remember her own name. Nora says that her name is Milagros (a name based on the Spanish word for miracle).
Miggy finally makes it over to Cecilia’s. Miggy has questions about a $100,000 payment he found in D8D’s bank records. Cecilia tells him that Estela forged D8D’s signature on a check but D8D let it be cashed. D8D investigated and found out that the payment was made to a hit man. Miggy works out the dates and flashes back to seeing the body of Jiménez (airplane hangar guy – the Wikipedia entry for CV has a very handy list of people who have been killed on the show by whom and in what episode). [I assume Estela wrote a check to cash and paid the hit man cash. Even Estela wouldn’t be stupid enough to write a check to a hit man.] Miggy want the name of the hit man but Cecilia wants sex first.

Sam goes back to her apartment at a time when she assumes Willy won’t be there. She wants to see Arturo and get some more stuff. Willy is there, though and comes out of the bedroom after having a had a good time with the two bimbos. Sam throws the bimbos out and hits Willy.

Peralta returns as Emma’s bodyguard.

Nora leaves Ángela to try and get some food. An amorous bum puts the moves on her. Using her bodyguard skills, Ángela knocks the bum out and runs away with Nora in pursuit.

Miggy and JM (why is JM there?) visit the hit man’s house and Miggy asks him at gunpoint what Estela paid him to do.

El Jefe tells D8D that Nicolás is ill and asks if he can tell Sam and Willy that they are Nicolás’ real parents.

Lorena has apparently accepted Willy’s offer to move in and she shows up at the apartment with a suitcase while Sam is there.






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