Fearless Heart episode 91 (Thursday 16th March)

JM hires Miggy to be the Reptile´s bodyguard. She tries to get out of it but having claimed to have been attacked, how can she deny JM´s concern for her safety? As we will see, lies can get you in trouble.

Sam tells Willy that they have to work out a custody agreement for their baby. Willy refuses to discuss it saying that he wants to be a full time father. Sam can´t resist kissing him and then pulls away angrily.

The kidnappers are dragging Emma off when up comes Camilo. He fights off the kidnappers with his gardening tools and rescues Emma.

The Reptile tries a new tack to get rid of Miggy as her bodyguard. Since Miggy is Ángela´s brother and the Reptile´s supposed attackers were “friends of Ángela,” she suggests to JM that Miggy might not be the right person to protect her. JM replies that he has confidence in Miggy’s integrity.

As usual, no one has thought about Violeta. Bodyguarding the Reptile means that Miggy has to live at JM’s house. Violeta begs not to be sent back to her grandmother’s house. She makes the obvious suggestion – she will live at JM’s house, too.

Estela tells Depraved, Deviant, Despicable, Detestable, Disgraceful, Debased, Degenerate, Disreputable Dad (henceforth D8D) that she is angry that his plan to send Miggy to prison didn’t work. She hates it that a son of Miguel Sr. is alive and well while her daughter by Miguel is dead. D8D reminds her that another child of Miguel Sr. is alive – Sam. Estela replies that she doesn’t want Sam dead. She is “pagando en viva,” “paying while living.”

Sam moves to El Jefe’s place. Jefe asks Sam to let him help her get over Willy. Nicolás spends the night at a friend’s house so she is alone with Jefe. Willy is not happy to learn this.

JM is ok having Violeta stay with him. When Miggy asks how JM can believe that Ángela was guilty, JM replies that he has to believe it so as not to mourn her death too much.

Miggy continues his relationship with Cecilia. She says that she loves him and he tells her that long ago he swore that he would never love anyone.

JM asks Peralta to return and be Emma’s bodyguard. He refuses.

Willy brings a bunch of stuff that Sam “forgot” over to Jefe’s place. Sam is in her bathrobe. The stuff in the box are all reminders of their love and sexual attraction. The way that Jefe will “help” Sam get over Willy is to appear in a towel. Willy draws the obvious conclusion and Sam lets Willy believe that they are having sex.

When Willy leaves, Sam is remorseful about lying to him and making him believe that she and Jefe have done something that they would never really do. Jefe doesn’t appear too happy about that last part.

Miggy asks the Reptile for the details of the attack on her and right away it’s clear that she hasn’t thought out the details of her story that well. She claims that she never saw the face of her attacker and then says that the attacker made her drive out to the country. Later, when Miggy is driving the Reptile someplace he notices that the car has a navigation system.

The guy who failed to kidnap Emma comes to D8D’s house and demands money. D8D is not pleased to see him. The kidnapper says that he is planning to go to Colombia and D8D tells him to be careful or Verdugo will see that he ends up dead. [Does this confirm that D8D is involved with narcotrafficers in general and this Verdugo in particular, or did we know that already? I can’t remember.)

Miggy tells Jefe that he needs info about the Reptile’s comings and goings from JM’s house. He doesn’t believe her story about the attack.

When Violeta innocently mentions her mother to Génesis in the Reptile’s hearing, the Reptile grabs her and tells her never to mention the name of her mother, the murderer, in the house again. Poor Violeta is terrified and Miggy tells the Reptile not to interfere with his niece.

Willy and Sam are together uneasily for the first sonogram of the baby. [Kind of early for an ultrasound isn’t it?] They see a blob and hear the fetal heartbeat.

JM gets a call from a person whose grubby arm we see hanging up without saying anything. We all know who this is, don’t we.

Willy tells Sam to think of their lovemaking when she has sex with El Jefe.

D8D comes to see JM. JM tells him that only a person with power and money could have arranged to have coke planted on Miggy. Someone like D8D. D8D denies that it was him.

Emma has a job doing phone sex. She calls Peralta to tell him and he nearly crashes the car with his bodyguarding client in it.

Sam asks Miggy to help Willy forget her by introducing him to other women.

JM tells Willy that D8D denied involvement in trying to frame Miggy but JM doesn’t believe him. A guy who would have his own daughter pushed down the stairs would do anything. Willy didn’t know about this.

Miggy gets info from the car navigation system. It shows that the car was not taken to the country. Miggy asks Cecilia to find out what a certain address has to do with the Reptile. She doesn’t need to look it up. She knows that it is Vicente de Madrid’s address.

Nicolás is sick.

Miggy comes to see Vicente. Vicente admits that it was he who attacked the Reptile because she is a monster.

Finally, we see that Nora and Ángela are alive. Apparently, they are street people getting food out of the trash. Ángela appears to be catatonic.




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