Fearless Heart episode 90 (Wednesday 15th March)

Miggy tries in vain to tell the cops that the drugs found on his moto aren’t his, but they haul him off to jail.

The ubiquitous Jefe shows up dripping fake sympathy for Sam’s predicament and saying he’ll accompany her to the office. [Doesn’t he ever go to his OWN office?] When Sam leaves the room Willy tells him a real man wouldn’t make a move on a woman in an anguished state. Jefe admits that he loves her and says that Willy has lost her forever. Sam will see how perfect he is for her and come to him.

Fernanda can’t stand any more and interrupts JM and Emma’s conversation about his potential wedding. She starts pushing, telling him it will be what she needs to get over “her” problems. Huh?

The cops talk to Miggy about the penalties for trafficking in drugs. Miggy is about 100 IQ points higher than what we’ve seen so far of the LAPD, and tells them the most they could charge him with is possession. And furthermore, he wants his phone call. Of course, it’s to JM, conveniently interrupting the Reptile in full court press to get the wedding date set. The Reptile can’t resist a crack about “that family”, not very well received by JM.

The Reptile tells Emma that she loves JM and wants to make him happy. Emma says he’s not in the right state of mind to remarry. With a bit of a threatening look, the Reptile tells Emma not to give JM unsolicited advice. Emma says she’ll tell her to her face; she doesn’t think she’s the right woman for her brother!

Emma gets a call and says that she has a job.

At the office Sam tells Jefe she can’t even look at Willy; it hurts too much. Jefe volunteers to help her forget him.

At the police station Miggy tells JM he’s sure the one who set him up was DDD. JM asks him to retrace his steps that day. He tells him about the shooting range and coming out and the drugs were there. Miggy tells JM he knows someone who knows DDD’s secrets.

Willy dreams that Sam has come back to him, and then wakes up. Lorena has come to say that this afternoon will be the result of the pregnancy test. Lorena advises him not to renounce his rights to the child, as Sam has asked.

Jefe fusses over Sam and says she should come back to live at his house. He uses the pretext that Nicolás needs her to guard him! She tells him she wants to forget Willy. Jefe finally moves in for a kiss. She pulls away, upset. He babbles on about waiting as long as it takes. She says she can’t give him false hope; all she can offer is friendship.

The Reptile goes to DDD and asks for a favor in return for the switched blood. She wants Emma out of the picture and gets a phone number from him for that purpose.

Emma has started working at the boutique where she used to buy her clothes. She’s a great success, having a good eye for what will suit each client.

Pablo has a new job guarding a spoiled brat named Luciana. Can’t tell if she’s high school student or college student. She has her eye on Pablo immediately. Tells him he’s her “Paul”. Emma calls him, and the brat overhears the name of the boutique and insists on going there. Sigh. Emma and the brat get into a hair pulling fight and Emma again loses her job.

Lorena tells Willy he has a right to the baby. Willy is being too sweet, and tells her Sam needs something to hang onto right now. Willy says Jefe is putting the moves on her. Lorena says he’s always been crazy for Sam. And he even asked her not to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Cecilia comes to see Miggy in the jail. She has an idea who may have planted the drugs and gave that name to JM. She once took some money to one Raul Fuentes.

Ofelia is overjoyed to see the Reptile there, but is told by the Reptile that she’s dead to her. Sam shows up and Disgusting, Depraved, Despicable Dad’s face lights up. Sam tells him she came about Miguel. She knows he did it and why. Because Miggy is looking for proof of your crimes. She tells him that, if he considers himself her father, he should get Miggy out. He smirks and says he also wants her to do something for him.

JM is reviewing the security cameras at the shooting range.

DDD says all he wants is for Sam and he to spend some time together, for her to get to know him. He reaches for her hand and she jerks it out of his reach. She says she doesn’t want to know him. What she wants is Miggy out of jail or else she’ll be there as well because she won’t stop until she destroys DDD.

Willy insists to Lorena that Sammy also has to be there for the news about whether she’s pregnant. While they wait, he asks her about birth defects because the parents are related. She says there is a higher possibility.

The bald guy on camera has come to the police station. He saw Raul Fuentes put the drugs in Miggy’s motorcycle. As usual, the cop tries to hang onto Miggy, but JM shows him the newspaper with the guy’s picture, the same guy that was seen planting the drugs. Miggy is free!

DDD is showing Sam pictures of Perla, trying to get some connection going. Sam can’t stand it and gets up to leave. The Reptile says to her dear daddy that she enjoys seeing Sam suffer. He warns her not to try anything against Sam.

Miggy shows up and looks DDD in the eye. The two of them exchange threats.

Sam arrives for the results. She tells him Jefe asked her to return to his house. Willy asks if he also told her he’d asked Lorena to interrupt the pregnancy. Sam doesn’t believe Willy! Estúpida! Lorena is pregnant. They are all so happy. Sam breaks down and hugs Willy.

Emma is, of course, on a dark street talking with Peralta about her having been fired because he brought in the ditz. Some guy comes out of an alley and grabs her.

Willy tells Sam he’s not going to give up his rights as a father, especially if she’s going to be with El Jefe. She talks about his being able to see the child. He says he wants more. He wants to raise the child, to be part of his life. Sam tells him that will be her role. Willy looks her in the eye and tells her that if she doesn’t let him see his child, he’ll go after her in court.

The Reptile’s story about her fat lip is backfiring all over the place. JM tells her Miggy is going to be her bodyguard from now on!



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