Fearless Heart episode 80 (Wednesday 1st March)

Ángela holds her baby, while JM looks at her stony faced. Estela tells her that Camilo has Violeta. Ángela gets very upset, knowing it’s really Luis, and tells her she wants to see her daughter. After Estela leaves, JM tells her that the baby is now the only thing uniting them.

False Fabiola tells Miggy that she’s not a cop, but she has been working in Luna Azul, and a cop she trusts came in and asked her to help him. He raises an eyebrow at the thought she did it as a good citizen, and she admits she was paid. Miggy wants to meet her police contact.

JM wants to take the baby from Ángela. She tells him that the prison where she has been sentenced is one of the few in the country that let a woman raise their children. JM goes all the way nasty and tells her she should have thought of that before she did what she did. He tells her she doesn’t deserve anything. Sam comes in and latches on to the baby. [I wish they’d name him; I’m tired of typing “baby”.] She tells Ángela, when JM is standing there, that she should tell him she lied and that someone forced her to say that. She doesn’t do it. JM’s final shot is that she’s dead to him.

Willy quite rightfully chews out some hospital personnel for their having called a stranger father all this time. In an aside, Vicente tells Fernanda that she shot an unknown person three times! Willy says that some unknown person had his ID. Sam says they need to find DD, but Willy thinks he may have been dead all along.

Nora is knitting a hat for Ángela’s baby, and tells another prisoner that Ángela is her weakness. She thinks of an idea to help Ángela. Calling herself Dora, she calls Sam and tells her that Ángela admitted killing all those people because “they” threatened Violeta. Nora tells her to investigate Camilo.

Natalia aka False Fabiola seems to be falling for Miggy. She sets up a meeting for him to meet her police guy – Damián.

Nicolás is doing his homework when his father enters. He tells his father he doesn’t much like Willy. El Jefe, of course, is pleased at this and tells him Willy’s a womanizer and doesn’t deserve Sam.

Violeta comes in to see her mother and the baby. Unfortunately, the Rat enters also, then the Reptile. The Reptile rushes over to see the baby she’s hoping SHE’LL raise and gets a stink eye from Ángela. JM has come in also. [Are they trying to duplicate that trick from the 60s with a VW, only instead with how many people will fit in a hospital room?] The Reptile gushes that the baby looks just like JM. A very sad thing happens when Violeta’s face lights up at the thought of returning to Casa Arroyo. JM tells her that isn’t going to happen. The Rat offers to take her, but Ángela quickly says her mother will care for her.

Miggy and Natalia leave on his motorcycle when a car tries to run them over. They are both OK and Damián, is introduced. He seems to have twice Duval’s intelligence quotient. He tells Miggy they have more than enough to imprison toda esta gente, but the bosses are unreachable in Colombia.

When Luis and Ángela are alone, he can’t resist touching her. He tells her everything turned out OK [Really? He said that to a woman who’s facing live imprisonment?] He tells her he’ll get her out of there and find the real killers. She grabs him by the shirt front and tells him that if anything happens to Violeta she’ll kill him.

Sam is looking for Camilo at Vikingo’s gym. He keeps quiet until she puts a gun in his ribs.

Miggy comes to see the baby. HE says the baby looks just like Ángela and is obviously a Valdez. He tells her he understands JM’s confusion. He did everything he could to save her and then she declared herself guilty of crimes against his family. He leans close and tells her he knows someone is threatening her. She says that he and Sam should just forget about her.

In the hospital JM decides to tell Génesis about Paula, thinking that her pleasure at seeing her new brother would help her bear it. She doesn’t want to see Ángela.

The cops come to arrest Vicente for killing Paula Uriarte. Our best smirker in the LAPD, Duval, is trying, rather ineptly, to close the deal with Vicente. He tells him the neighbors told him that Paula told them about her new admirer, Vicente. He also says that she had sex before she died; and, if the DNA is his, his goose is cooked.

The Reptile comes to see the Rat. He tells her everything worked out perfectly. But she feels a bit odd. She tells him she parked three bullets in a guy she thought was her father. Big grin from the Rat, who tells her she’s worse than he is! Naturally this turns him on and he prepares to move in. Just then the doorbell rings. Fernanda hides in the bedroom.

Sam pushes her way in and asks where Violeta is. He puts on his fake Camilo and says she’s with her grandmother. Sam gets right in his face about why she was with him in the first place. He smoothly lies and said some guy came and said he brought her from the Arroyo house. Sam can’t get anything more out of him and leaves.

The Rat tells the Reptile he’s going to Mexico with Violeta. He asks her what she’ll do with Arroyo. I’m pretty sure she lies when she tells him she’ll get him at her feet and then kill him. The Rat says to himself that he can’t wait that long.

Miggy tells JM that his sister, the real Fabiola is being pursued by narcos.

JM tells Ángela that experts have told him the baby needs his mother, so she’ll keep the baby with her a year; after that, she’ll never see him again.

Natalia tells Miggy that she doesn’t have a place to live. She was living at the strip club (!) but it’s now closed. He tells her his life is full of danger, and she doesn’t want to be around that. She asks him not to abandon her.

Lorena has come to Sam and Willy’s apartment. Sam faints. Oh boy, we know what a telenovela fainting spell usually means, don’t we boys and girls! Lorena wants her checked right away for anemia. Jefe and Nicolás arrive. Nicolás hugs Sam affectionately. Willy looks odd, as if he doesn’t like their closeness. Nicolás tells Sam he wants her to get those tests fast. His mother didn’t do that and died as a result.

At the police station, the Reptile comes in and tells Duval that Vicente was home by 11:30. Later, when Vicente is released for lack of evidence, she tells him that Duval would believe her because normally a betrayed woman would not alibi the man with a lie.

JM is now very bitter. He tells Ángela that Génesis came to see the baby, but didn’t want to see her. He says he doesn’t understand how he could have ever believed in her. [OK, this is over the top.] He tells her she’s the worst thing that ever happened to him, he hates her, and he would like to kill her. She tells him she’s already dead.

The Rat is plotting against JM. Vikingo doesn’t want any part of it and leaves. The two other thugs stay. He tells them they know what they have to do. He will do the “big deal” with his own hands, and today.

JM enters the famous telenovela parking lot where thousands of people are kidnapped in these shows. He’s grabbed up and put in an SUV. Meanwhile, Camilo shows up to see the Reptile. I back up the DVR to see if the third thug has the right kind of eyebrows. Yep, looks like Luis.

Damián comes to tell Miggy that the real Fabiola is dead. [Say what? Why write her into the script if they’re going to bump her off without our even seeing her?]

Sam is at the clinic having tests. She kind of fakes out Willy, but then can’t stop the big smile. The telenovela faint was right. She’s pregnant! Lots of joy on the part of Willy and Sam.

Luis dismisses the other thugs, saying this is between he and JM. They have a knock-down, drag-out fight on some kind of raised balcony. Each of them almost goes over the rail. When JM appears to be getting the best of the fight, the Rat pulls out his gun. So much for the fair fight. Bang! The Rat is shot in the back and falls over the balcony. The Reptile, closely followed by Camilo, has shot him in the back. He looks pretty darn dead to me!!!



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