Fearless Heart episode 45 (Wednesday 11th January)

Ángela is furious at JM about the suggestive photos taken while he and Gloria were in the sack together. She rightly rounds on him for lying to her about how innocent the evening was. If he’d told her about the fake coupling when she asked about the evening, it would have been better.
Willy calls Sam, drunk and a bit hysterical. He tells her he discovered that Despicable Dad had offered Cecilia money to seduce him. They had a fight and he killed his father. DD doesn’t deserve Willy. In spite of everything, Willy loves his father and kisses him, remorseful for, he thinks, having killed him.
Manuel explains himself to the Rat. He’s been an honest cop up until now, risking his life for nothing. But he’s tired of it and just then Luis Martinez crossed his path. Luis actually shows some humanity. He’s grateful, and tells Manuel Flores that what he did for him has no price. Manny replies that everything has a price, and they’ll find it together. A pretty girl named Carmen Juárez shows up. She’s a friend of Manuel’s. Manny reminds Luis that he’s Ramon Mendoza. The Rat looks interested in Carmen.
As we certainly all knew, Despicable Dad is not dead. He tries to manipulate Willy, asking if he’s got that sad face because he failed to kill him.
Emma has a talk with her niece. [Interesting coincidence: I get an email once a day called Spanish word of the day. Today’s was pelirrojo. And they used it in a sentence describing someone as pecoso y pelirrojo. So I can now describe Génesis in Spanish – a freckled, red-haired girl.] Emma says she’s going to exhibit her paintings in Bernardo del Castillo’s gallery. Génesis wants to know why Peralta can have two girlfriends, one carrying his child and the other being Emma. She also tells her aunt she wants to go back to school and live a normal life.
Ángela correctly says that Gloria sent her the video.
Manuel tells the Rat he can’t go out on the street. He’s going to get him a chapa de policía (badge) and a license. [And this badge is going to completely change his appearance?]
Willy tells Sam what Bernardo did, paying Cecilia to seduce him. What he should have said and didn’t is that he tried and tried to get her to believe there was nothing going on when she saw the video of Cecilia stripping. Since she punched him out and told him she NEVER wanted to see him again, she was partially responsible for his fall from grace.
The tiresome Reptile shows up to see how things are going with Gloria’s plan to separate JM and Ángela. While she’s there the new maid asks JM if he got that letter she left for him all right. He looks blank, but is too distracted to follow up on it. Emma tells JM [crap, right in front of the Reptile] that Génesis wants to return to school. The Reptile pipes up right away that this is a good idea. For the first of several times this episode she says: Disculpenme si yo meta. When has she NOT interfered?
Sam speaks to Despicable Dad. He tells her that Willy tried to kill him, and it was because he told Willy that he didn’t deserve Sam and that he, Despicable Dad, loves her more than Willy! Sam tells him not to waste his time. There is no possibility she’ll have a relationship with him. And, by the way, why did you pay Cecilia to seduce Willy. He neatly evades answering her, telling her that Willy will never be a one-woman man.
Nelly has a box of baby things that have been knitted by all of Peralta’s family members. Smirky Gabriel is there. Nelly tells him she can’t keep lying to Pablo’s mother. Gab says, OK, then, you’ll have to lose the baby in a spectacular fashion.
Flores approaches Gloria at the cop shop. He introduces himself and says that he’s going to be her partner on the Arroyo case – orders from above. He tells her he’s going to be closely involved with the search for Luis Martinez. She looks like she’s sucking on lemons.
Gloria then brings Flores to the Arroyo house. Ángela shows the sexy photos to Flores, glaring at Gloria. Flores snarks: Wow, Ferreira, a new police procedure! Gloria talks fast. She insists that last night was an attempt to capture Luis. She goes on with her next big plan. She wants Manuel Flores to spend day and night with Ángela in case the Rat comes after her. This neatly accomplishes two things: getting Flores out of her hair and further separating JM and Ángela. Flores goes along with it, saying he’ll move right in. Ángela is reluctant. Sammy is there also, and Flores gives her the eye.
Sammy comes to talk with Cecilia. She accuses her of making love with Willy. Ceci smirks that Willy is irresistible. She denies that she was paid to do it. Sam pulls a gun on her, and the whole truth comes pouring out of Cecilia.
DD turns on Cecilia, telling her over the phone to forget about the managerial position. She’ll die a mediocre secretary.
DD then works on Estupida Estela some more. He tells her he’ll get someone to fake the DNA results Sam and Angie want, and he’s doing it because he cares for her. [I don’t understand why he doesn’t want Sam and Ángela to know they’re half sisters. Is it just because he’s a villain and that’s what villains do?]
Gabriel, who is the smarmiest guy in the whole cast, tells Pablo he’ll be spending lots and lots of time with Emma now, because he’s her press agent. Peralta fires back that Sam will also be with the two of them. [Sam is Emma’s new bodyguard.]
Vicente is kissing some very attractive female when the Reptile marches into his office. After the woman leaves, the Reptile makes a crack about his stooping to get it on with a secretary. Vicente replies that she’s the new head of IT. The Reptile says he has to help her. She needs him to find out everything he can about Gloria Ferreira. I guess Vicente is the only computer wizard in the cast.
Emma and Nelly are coming downstairs at the same time, and Nelly manages to step in front of Emma’s feet and then go tumbling down one of the patented staircases of doom.
Ángela has gone to the hospital for the DNA test with Sam. Flores is with her. She gets a text from the Rat, saying he’s watching her and describing her clothing.
Vicente just pretends to do a computer search. He gets up saying he has a meeting to go to.
Flores and the Rat are talking and the Rat tells him that he wants Ángela to suffer for a while and then he’ll kill her with his bare hands. I guess my theory that Flores is really a good cop trying to bring down Greedy Gloria is out the window.
Emma pleads with Peralta, saying she didn’t have anything to do with Nelly’s fall. Of course, this being a TN, one episode after declaring his unconditional love, he gives her a suspicious look. A crooked doctor coaches Nelly about what to say. And then he goes out to tell Emma and Peralta that she lost the baby. Peralta looks daggers at Emma, while Gabriel smirks in the background. Later, when Emma tries to put her arms around Pablo, he backs off, saying he needs time.
The Reptile got an anonymous letter, rather like the one JM got. He grabs it out of her hand, and she goes ballistic. She later tells Gloria that she got a letter asking for money. She’s completely freaked. “What? A million to you, and now millions to someone else? Someone saw us.”
Manuel, looking sinister, chloroforms a sleeping Ángela.
Willy moves out of his father’s house. DD tells Ofelia that what he did to his son just showed his nature. He would have gone for Cecilia anyway. He laughs and says Willy will be back. Ofelia doesn’t think so.
Emma is dressed to go to a party with Gabriel in a lacy, off the shoulder dress. Peralta says she can’t go out looking that way. Wow!!!! Nelly comes down the stairs and tells them she lied. She never was pregnant. I didn’t expect that!
JM comes in and tries unsuccessfully to wake Ángela. On her arm is written: Mío o de nadie.
The Reptile and Greedy Gloria dig where they buried Luis and discover that he’s not in there, while said Luis, a mask over everything but his eyes, looks on. There’s a note inside.
Willy is NOT giving up. He comes to see Sam at the Arroyo house. She’s waiting for Emma to get ready to go to that party. When she hears he’s there, she grabs Manuel Flores, who is sitting at the kitchen table, and plants a big kiss on him for Willy to see.



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