Fearless Heart episode 45 ( Tuesday 10th January)

At the funeral for Perla, Ángela and Sammy reaffirm their bond, “Una es la corazón, la otra es al mente, los dos somos una sola,” “One is the heart, one is the mind, together we are one.”

Ofélia tells Darío that their son doesn’t want anything to do with him. Darío doesn’t care. He wants to go find their son and he wants Ofélia to go with him. She refuses saying that she has to stay with the Reptile. Darío doesn’t understand: “Your left your son to stay with Fernanda?”

MS = the “mysterious stranger” who is helping the Rat. We can tell it is a man. He knows who the Reptile and Gloria are but when the Rat asks how, he says, “menos averigua Dios y perdona,” which is the equivalent of, “ask me no questions and I’ll you no lies.”

Gloria tells the Reptile that she has a plan to separate JM and Ángela.

All through this episode, Sammy tells Willy to leave her alone; she never wants to see him again. He betrayed her trust and even though she loves him, she doesn’t want him around. Willy, looking like a cute hurt puppy, won’t leave and keeps asking for her forgiveness.

JM offers Sam a job as Emma’s bodyguard since now that they are novios, it is not appropriate for Peralta to be Emma’s bodyguard. She accepts. [I guess these rich folks stopped at a Subway on the way home from the funeral because a Subway bag and cup are prominently on display in this scene.]

Bernie advises Estela not to tell Sam who her biological father is.

Sam goes to see Darío. Sam starts off in a somewhat reconciling tone but Darío isn’t budging from his position that he did the right thing taking Sam’s baby. He ends up saying that he will disinherit her so she can see how life is without the money she scorns but has become accustomed to having.

The Rat asks MS for a phone to call his friend who is holding a letter for him. MS says that the Reptile and Gloria buried the Rat alive. He was going to move the body somewhere else [why?] when he realized that the Rat was alive. The Rat says that all he wants now is to get vengeance on “ellas” (>1 female: Gloria, the Reptile and Ángela?) “y el” (and him – presumably JM)

Gloria finally comes back to JM’s house. [Why isn’t he wondering where the heck his bodyguard has been all this time?] She tells JM and Ángela that now the police believe that the Rat hasn’t left LA. She has a plan to eliminate the threat from the Rat. Her first idea, rejected by JM, is that Ángela leave JM forever or at least for a while. Her next idea is to persuadego with JM to a business party and pretend to be his fiancé to convince the Rat that JM and Ángela have split. [Tighten your beanies here folks – we know that the Rat is jealous of JM being with his wife but Gloria told everyone that the Rat’s motive for killing JM’s parents and wife had to do with JM’s father. So why would appearing to break up with Ángela make the Rat go away?] Eventually, JM and Ángela agree to this plan.

Ángela asks Estela to come over. She tells her mother that she is convinced that Miguel is Sam’s father. Estela denies it. Sam arrives and Ángela repeats her belief. Estela tells them that Miguel never would have betrayed her. Sam is not convinced. Miguel might not have wanted to betray Estela but Sam says that her mother had no such scruples. It would also explain the ending of Perla’s and Estella’s friendship. Ángela said that what Estela says doesn’t matter. A DNA test will reveal the truth. Estela offers to help them get the test done at the hospital where she works.

During the party, Gloria pretends to get info on the Rat. She brings JM to a room with a bed (are they in a hotel?). She tells JM that the Rat is watching from a building across the street and they have to pretend to have sex to convince him that JM doesn’t care about Ángela anymore. JM reasonably asks Gloria, “if you know where the Rat is, why don’t you just arrest him?” She gives him a bogus answer and starts taking off her and JM’s clothes. Of course, Gloria is having this filmed.

Cecilia calls DD. She conveniently makes it clear that she seduced Willy in return from money from DD. Willy is listening. He confronts Cecilia.

A letter is delivered to JM. Gloria steals it. Later, she opens it with the Reptile. It’s from Luis and I think it asks JM to look at who is buried at Gloria’s place. [I don’t think this was the letter that the Rat wrote in the bar implicating the Reptile in all the murders.]

MS gives the Rat some clothes and introduces himself as Lt. Manuel Flores. He says from now on the Rat will be known as Sgt Ramón Mendoza. [Telenovela logic says that this guy is Darío’s and Ofelia’s son. The fact that Darío repeatedly says during the episode that he wants to go see his son and then this guy appears usually means that he is the son Darío is talking about. It makes some sense that he is keeping an eye on the Reptile. He could blame her for taking his mother away from him.]

DD tells Estela that he will help her manipulate the DNA test so that Sam doesn’t find out who her father is.

Willy bursts into his Dad’s room (is he drunk?). He tells DD that he knows all about he paid Cecilia to do. He gets into a little tussle with DD who falls backwards and hits his head on a table. [Is it too much to hope that DD is dead? Probably.]



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