Derby Is A Princess; “Borla” video review

Derby is a princess!!! Look how she rocks a pink gown and white canvas
and still ridiculously pulls it off. I mean, who else in Gh can pull that off?
She even got dumped in a pink litter bin and came out with swag!
This video was really worth the wait, I’ve watched it countless times already.

First scene, we see rapper EL carrying a big bag of what appears to be trash
AKA “borla” and he dumps it in a bin. Just as he’s leaving a taxi pulls up with
a pretty lady who gets out and runs to give EL a hug.
Next we find out Derby was literally the thrash EL threw in the bin as she
pops out and starts singing the lyrics of the song.

Now she’s in plain background with what appears to be a pink tricycle, a
small pink drawer(not really sure) while she sits on large chair singing along
to the song. Later she tears up EL’s pictures in front of a mirror while she
angrily raps and disses him. We then see more shots going back and forth
from the previously mentioned scenes.

Realizing Derby has become rich after seeing a headline on the graphic which
read “I’m Rich As Chris Brown”, EL then changes his mind and dumps Lola(the
girl who run out of the taxi to hug EL). Funny, right?
EL eventually texts Derby saying he misses her and she should come over to his
place. Derby’s response is positive, she then goes over to his place in a white
BMW car.
She gets down from the car and EL offers her a hug but instead, she goes over
to the litter bin to free Lola who had just been dumped by EL. It’s an epic ending
for both women as EL finally gets dumped in the same pink litter bin.

Now I want to start with the best thing in this video…the costume. Derby shows
she’s really a fashion queen as she pulls it off in every costume she wore in the
video. I don’t know much about make up but I think it was okay, at least it wasn’t
too much.
I like the concept of the video, it feels new and not something we’re use to seeing.
Besides, it really matched the song title “Borla”. I like the way the humor in the
video wasn’t forced and didn’t feel cheesy, it was just fine. Can’t complain about
the lighting, it was superb. In fact, I can’t complain about anything at all. Which
means this video is near perfect and Prince Dovlo did a really good job with the
execution. Whoever brought the concept really has a creative mind, thumbs up.

As for the song itself, i don’t how you feel but I think the video made me appreciate
it more. I’m hoping to see more videos like this before the beautiful year of 2014
ends. As for Derby, keep being our little princess forever.

watch Sister Derby’s “Borla” video here

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