D-Black used to be a better rapper- Manuel King

Desmond Blackmore (aka) D-Black’s art has come under massive criticism once again, and this time it’s by Ghanaian journalist and show producer Manuel King.
According to King, D-Black was doing way better when he paired up with Kwaku T.

“Black was great in his initial stage but lyrically at present, he has dropped a bit,” King said.

The journalist also said despite what has been noticed to be a fault on him, the rapper is still making lots of income for his music and to him, that’s all showbiz is about – to be at the top and make gains from what you give out to your fans and the rest of the public.

“Desmond is making it big time from his music and with showbiz, you show off as well as you must earn much more than what you give out and to me I think he’s doing great as an artist.” Manuel King added..

EnterGhana.com | D-Black used to be a better rapper- Manuel King

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