Checkout 15 Things a Ghanaian will never reveal about him or herself

criss_waddle_friends1It’s very difficult to obtain information from a Ghanaian about his or her personal life. This is mostly due to the superstition that if your share such things with others, they might plan your downfall or other ideologies. Even a close friend, doesn’t get any info.

Below is a list of 15 things Ghanaians would never reveal about themselves:

1. Personal background knowledge: For the fear of being judged, some Ghanaians rather prefer not to talk about their families or involve themselves in such topics. Some may pretend to be born from rich homes, when simple breakfast is never promised, hence the fear to talk about family stuff, since they may be described as poor people, and treated differently.

2. Whether they are into Masturbation: A lot of guys masturbate to please themselves sexually when alone, but you’ll never hear a yes answer to the question “Do you masturbate?”.

3. Sexuality: Being a gay or lesbian is considered a sin by many, hence failure to admit such statuses by many Ghanaians. You could get killed by a mob if you revealed such an info.

4. Travel details: Most people for the fear that a friend may spoil their chances of traveling abroad to seek greener pastures, prefer to give out information about their travel, only upon arriving in the foreign country. You might only get a call from your friend who’s left the country after a week or month of arrival.

5. Salary:  If it’s the salary of a Ghanaian you want to know, then forget it. People have their different reasons, but many don’t give out this info for the fear that people would look down upon them if their salaries were below average, or lesser than a friend’s. Everybody wants to look big in that suit and tie, though the pay is just coins.

6. School results:  You’ll only know your friend’s grades if he or she was among the top 10 best students in the class.

7. Actual worth: In the first place, that your Ghanaian friend is not telling you about his or her salary, so how do you even guess this person’s net worth.

8. Body count: This is probably a world wide situation here, as generally women don’t feel free giving out information about how many people they have had sexual intercourse with. Guys may be cool with giving out this info anyways. For your info, in case you didn’t know, body count refers to how many people you’ve had sex with.

9. Political affiliation: Some Ghanaians find it difficult to tell others which political party they support. Whether NDC, NPP or any other party, this info shall remain a secret.

10. Parents’ profession or job: Some people feel like giving out such information about their parents, if their jobs were not white collar ones, would be termed as poor. A lot of people feel shy about their parents’ profession.

11. Level of education: Nobody wants to be known as a dropout, hence this stuff is top secret. Only the highly-learned show off their academic level. Some may brag with about.

12. Smoking and drinking activities: If you happen to be a smoker or drinker, you’re seen as someone who’s probably bad and dangerous,hence this is classified information.

13. School attended: The school one attended may be used to determine one’s financial background. G.I.S, S.O.S and more are mostly considered schools for rich students. Some Ghanaians may shy off from saying their from Government supported schools.

14. Relationship status: Apparently all Ghanaian women are in a relationship and all men are single, so who are the women dating?

15. Age: Ghanaians hardly tell you their exact age, for different reasons. Some might want to be seen as younger than they actually are. Some also fear that what they’ve achieved may be less than expected of them at a rather older age, and hence prefer keeping their age a secret. | Checkout 15 Things a Ghanaian will never reveal about him or herself

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