More calamities to hit Ghana – Kumasi based Prophet

A Kumasi based prophet by name; Oduro Gyebi has on Sunday, March 19, 2017 revealed that there is a cloud full of calamities hanging of Ghana.

Speaking on Onua Fm, Prophet Oduro Gyebi popularly known as Eagle Prophet said that, the atrocities are youth- targeted which in the long run is very bad for the nation.

Reports of Prophet Gyebi’s prophecy on Kintampo Waterfall disaster hit the mainstream media in the early hours of Monday.

The prophet had in a short video predicted the disaster through a revelation he had, and warned any school that intended going any excursion to the tourist site to cancel the trip.

At least 15 students of Wenchi Senior High School were among persons who lost their lives the waterfall disaster yesterday while on excursion there.

But Prophet Oduro Gyebi of God’s Crown Chapel insisted that the Kintampo disaster would have been averted if the school authorities had heeded his caution.

“I had the revelation seven clear days before the incident took place, and it was a caution prophecy. So God had revealed to me then that someone from the school was listening to me and I asked that person to alert the school authorities to cancel the trip, but the person did not take me serious, we have all seen the end result,” he lamented as he spoke to host of the morning show Bright Kwesi Asempa.

Moreover, Prophet Oduro Gyebi said Ghana is on the verge of suffering other calamities in the coming days, and called on religious leaders and government to declare a national prayer and fasting session for God’s intervention.

“Let us pray to stop this demonic disaster, clouds of calamity are hovering over us, there are people who went for all kinds of spiritual powers for political positions, so we must pray.”
 | Credit: | More calamities to hit Ghana – Kumasi based Prophet

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