Boxing: Osei Bonsu cries foul, demands Wahab rematch

Abraham Osei Bonsu is adamant he won last Saturday’s national super featherweight title fight against Wahab Oluwaseum and is demanding a rematch to set the record straight.

Despite opening deep cuts on both cheeks of Wahab who hails from Nigeria, the Ghanaian lost a split decision, 115-114, 114-115, 112-116 in the headline bout of the third installment of Azumah Nelson’s VIP Fight Night at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

Referee Roger Barnor twice ruled a knockdown against Osei Bonsu but even though he blames the slippery canvas for his several downfalls during the fight, six in total, the boxer nicknamed ‘No Shaking’ insists he did enough to win.

I won the fight hands down, even though the referee counted for me two times I believe I  was the clear winner and my worst should have been a draw. Wahab did nothing but run from me the whole time. There is no way I lost that fight and I’m very disappointed in the judges. I don’t know what fight they were watching,” Osei Bonsu said on GTV Sports Plus live show on Tuesday morning.

“I need a rematch to show everyone that Wahab is no where in my class, he can’t beat me. I am the best super featherweight and even Wahab knows I beat him so he should give me a rematch if he is a true champion. I have started training again already and even if it’s next week I’m ready to face and take him down,” he added full of poise.

Equally angry with the verdict and taking a few jabs at the great Azumah Nelson and promoters of the show is Abraham Reindorf AKA Teddy Moore who is manager of Osei Bonsu.

“We want a rematch because we won the fight but we were robbed. I don’t want to talk bad about Azumah but the judges were not fair to my boxer. Let them give us a rematch and we will go into the ring with our own judges, we will knock Wahab out,” Teddy Moore said. | Credit: | Boxing: Osei Bonsu cries foul, demands Wahab rematch

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