Benedicta Gafah isn’t my friend, Tracy Boakye reveals

The misunderstanding about the relationship between Ghanaian actresses, Benedicta Gafa and Tracy Boakye can go to a perfect rest as the latter kills the brouhaha about them.

Tracy, who was with Nkosuohene, Ghanaian based abroad journalist over the weekend said Gafa is not her friend anymore and that everyone is carrying on with her life.

“We have all moved on with our lives. At first we were friends and we’re no more. I haven’t fought her. Simple and short, we are not friends. I don’t envy her on anything. I ride in my own car licensed in my name so what am I going to be jealous of about her? It’s just that that we can’t be friends.”

Tracy and Gafa had been in the news recently for the two not seeing eye to eye with each other . | Credit: | Benedicta Gafah isn’t my friend, Tracy Boakye reveals

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