Behind Closed Doors episode 150 (Tuesday 24th November)

behind closed doors 141Coming up today on Behind Closed Doors (Episiode 150)

Eva does not want to attend Renato’s funeral, she cannot believe that he was such a coward that he took his own life.

The jail guardian takes the notebook to Pilar’s house but Pilar is not home and she leaves the notebook with Diego.

Mabel tells Emilio that she is willing to seat a trap for Ismael so that they can apprehend him.

Mabel comes to the funeral home to attend the service for Renato but Eva asks her to leave.

Emilio listens when Javier confronts Pilar (Raquel) for Renato’s death.

Adolfo is searching in the book THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR, a death suited for Gonzalo.

Karen finds Carola’s notebook on the floor and she places it with the other books in Pilar’s room.
Mabel tells Javier that she wants to buy the house from him.

Adolfo offers Gonzalo’s life to Javier.

Mabel threatens Adolfo with a gun. | Behind Closed Doors episode 150 (Tuesday 24th November)

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