“Banana Island Ghost”: 5 reasons why you should see comedy movie

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Here are five reasons why you should go see the anticipated comedy movie, "Banana Island Ghost."

It’s an interesting month for Nollywood and it’s starting with “Hakkunde” and “Banana Island Ghost,” which opens in cinemas today, August 4, 2017.

Did you miss Pulse Nigeria’s review of the movie? Here are five reasons why you probably should go see the movie.

Here we go;

1. Use of Music

There’s one thing you can’t miss in “Banana Island Ghost” and it is its use of music.  The movie uses the right music in the right scene to obtain the right emotion from viewers.

2. Visual Effects

The real winners in “Banana Island Ghost” are the special effects artists. The movie comes alive with impressive success in art direction and set design.

It’s such a beauty you probably don’t want to meet.


3. Chigurl, Patrick and Bimbo Manuel

Chigurl, who has an experience in the world of comedy is joined by Patrick Diabuah, and for the first time, they lead a feature film.

Their performance is natural. They don’t try too hard to amuse their audience. Sometimes, they elicit the laughter with their facial expressions.

And then there’s also the talented Bimbo Manuel as God; a role that he interprets with an appluadable ease.

4. It’s funny

“Banana Island Ghost” comes with lots of laughs, most of which are courtesy of the lead characters, Chigurl and Patrick.

Chigurl brings her comedic timing to the character Ijeoma, and alongside Patrick, delivers hilarious lines.


5. The Story

The movie successfully combines action, comedy, death and love, it simply balances humor and poignancy, while successfully avoiding clichés.

“Banana Island Ghost” is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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