BabyBjörn Design Flaw Not Great For Family Jewels [Video]

I doubt many dads would have aspired to wear a BabyBjörn, unless Alan had chosen to use one to carry around Tyler (a.k.a. Carlos) in the first part of The Hangover.

Well, as convenient as they seem, turning your body into a marsupial-like carrier might not be all that  – especially when your child gets a little bigger and/or wears proper shoes.

Although the “design flaw” wasn’t picked up on in The Hangover, YouTuber and father David Freiheit pointed out that that there is one rather important flaw that could lead to serious damage if you had hopes of having more children.

Cue Freiheit’s YouTube video, where one child talks about caterpillars and the other proves dad’s point:

[embedded content]

Perhaps that just means it’s time to find the not-so-little one an alternative mode of transportation.

Let it go, David, just let the BabyBjörn go.

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