Ask God for forgivenesss not me (Tuesday 14th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Macaria reveals to Renata that Fausto killed Pablo and Renata goes to pick a gun to aim at her husband but Fausto gets it from her and he forces Renata to be his woman and when Constanza finds out, she confronts him furiously for doing that. Renata asks her mother that they have to escape immediately with her daughter but she says no way because Fausto wouldn’t allow it but Renata complains that because she (Constanza) never fought for her that doesn’t mean she will do same because she will fight to get her daughter and run away with her no matter. Constanza then becomes touched and agreed that they leave everything behind and escape and Renata thanks her very much for supporting her.

Fausto confronts Macaria and slaps her for saying things to Renata and threaten her that she should wait for her punishment for betraying him.

Renata convinces her husband to allow her mother and Macaria take Abigail to the doctor and then she runs away in a van. Fausto chases Renata and orders Lucio to throw the van over hers. Renata suffers an accident and hits her head hardly and this ends her blind.

Eighteen years go by and Renata tells the story of her blindness to father Francisco and confesses to him she’s afraid of Abigail’s disdain if she finds out the truth that she is her mum and not her godmother.
Abigail goes to swim and Fausto goes there unexpectedly and warns her not to dare come to swim as her mum Macaria did because any of the workers could see her and then take advantage of her. He then asked her to go home but she never cared.

Lucio proposes to Macaria to have a relationship but she turns him down stating that she is too much of a woman to have a young guy like him to be her boyfriend.

Lucio is after Macaria. Renata also tells the father she doesn’t regret loving Pablo and asks him to prepare a mass to celebrate her daughter’s eighteen years birthday.

Abigail confesses to Diego that he’s her only friend and Diego tells Abigail Mateo has changed since he became a doctor since they used to be best of friends but now Mateo looks down on him.

Helena assures her son she’s very proud of him. Abigail tells Diego she worships Renata. Constanza seems to be completely out of her mind. Macaria scolds Diego for being with her daughter.

Diana visits Mateo in his office at the hospital where he serves as a doctor and they kiss each other.

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