Ask God for forgiveness (Thursday 20th April)

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Macaria tries to give to Barragan the gun she’s supposedly keeping for Fausto and she tells him the the gun is registered in the name of her boss Fausto since he gave it to her for protection after the death of the father of her daughter but Fausto chips in that there is no need for her to give the commander a gun in appreciation for all the good works he’s doing for the community but he will rather give him his own but the commander doesn’t need it.

Quickly Renata enters and Macaria excuse them and she takes the gun along. Just when Renata was about telling the truth to the commander that her husband refuses to let her leave the house, Fausto chips in and lies to the commander that Renata only wants to ask him to go and escort her to a place since he wouldn’t be able to go and so he would like to know if the commander will accept and go with her wife. Renata then becomes really shocked and speechless but the commander accepts to go and escort Renata.

Mia blackmails Diana to help her get her son out of jail using Fausto’s influences but Diana looks very hurt that her aunt continues to make her feel bad as if she was the cause of her son Julio in jail.

Mateo tries to calm Constanza down because she doesn’t want to leave the hacienda without her husband. Mateo again assures Abigail that Diana isn’t the one who has a relationship with Fausto, that it is Mia.

Simona scolds Fredy for going out without asking for permission. But in the same vein, Toño and Motor visit Eduviges and Efigenia and Fredy then explain to her mum that he only went out to look for a job and luckily the new father gave him one and Simona looks so grateful but still thinks he is a child.

Renata assures Abigail she does want to leave her house forever. Vicenta and Benito say goodbye to Renata and promise to visit her in the city. Fausto is really hurt for seeing Renata leave, while Macaria thinks he will be only for her now.

Renata arrives at the new house and remembers everything her father said and did when her daughter was born and she becomes so sad.

Constanza comes out of the house and gets lost but Commander Baragan is ready to help look for her.

Julio is transferred to another prison, but the van in which he’s traveling crashes and he runs away.

Father Tomas introduces himself to Fausto and tells him they have to talk about his uncle’s death because he believes it wasn’t an accident.

Efigenia and Eduviges take Constanza to the hacienda thus back to the ranch and Fausto asks Macaria to not let any one know that Constanza is in the house.

Patricio visits Renata what makes Barragan suspicious. Macaria takes Constanza to her house and she cries anguished.

The police arrest Motor for his negligence for causing father Francisco’s dead following the order of Marcelino.

Macaria takes Constanza to a certain house and she tells her that place is going to be her new house until they decide on what to do with her and the woman looks so vulnerable.

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