Ask God for forgiveness not me (Wednesday 9th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Diana fakes to be unconscious and listens when Helena threatens Fausto with telling Mateo that he is his son and that he killed his brother Gerardo out of ambition. Fausto tells her to shut up or Mateo will pay for the consequences.

Melitón tells Father Tomás that his uncle Francisco wanted to give Lucio a remedy personally and when his uncle died, Melitón went looking for Lucio and he had the remedy and it could be that Lucio had something to do with that but he can’t tell whether Lucio is guilty or not because he’s never admitted to that crime but he knows he’s hiding things to protect Fausto and Father Tomas looks sppechless.

Abigaíl advises Mateo to take care of Diana and forget about her because their love is impossible.

Fausto thinks Diana will also become a nightmare and so he has to get rid of her and just when he is about to kill Diana, Patricio gets into the room just on time to avoid it and Fausto left.

Fausto asks Mateo to leave the ranch with Diana so they can stay at a place to spend more time with her to get her mind off the divorce he wants to have but Mateo tells him that he won’t get out of the hacienda.

Father Tomás tries to talk with Lucio to know if he had anything about his uncle Francisco’s death if even he knows the last words he said before dying, but Lucio didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear.

Mateo talks with Patricio saying that Fausto desires Abigaíl as a woman and not as a daughter and Patricio assures him that he would also talk with Renata so she can advise Abigail.

Fausto keeps flirting discreetly with Abigaíl.

Voilata gives Simona and an anonymous letter and after reading, it reveals that Freddy was pushed from the roof to get him killed and Simona looks very depressed.

Lucio hires three men to beat up Patricio and after they warn him to get away from Renata or he will get killed.

Renata tells Fausto that she fell in love with Patricio and Fausto answers that if she wants to go on with Abigaíl’s adoption, she must forget about Patricio even as a friend. Daniela arrives early to help him with his wounds.

Commander Barragán shows an anonymous letter to Father Tomás which says that Father Francisco was murdered because someone messed with his care breaks and not just a mere accident.

Fausto manipulates Abigaíl teling her about Renata and Patricio’s relationship and he says it’s hard time he accepts the truth that Renata will never love him ever in her life and he starts to cry and Abigail falls for it and she feels so hurt about what Fausto is going through.

Constanza warns Renata saying that Fausto’s closeness with Abigaíl is his plan to take away their whole fortune but Renata doesn’t believe it but only thinks that Fausto is only trying to win Abigails’ heart so they could adopt her. Constanza then opens her eyes and tells her that Fausto only wants to give his name to Abigail so someday if Renata is no more, he can keep those inheritance of Abigail and she asks Renata is she thought about that before and Renata goes nervous.
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