Ask God for forgiveness not me (Wednesday 19th April)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Mateo visits Abigail to say good-bye to her, the girl tells him unashamed that she is deeply in love with him very much. Mateo remarks that she is only confused because he remember she kissed Diego and she explains that she only kissed him to make him jealous and Mateo thinks that was a childish move yet he still thinks that ove she has for him is just an illusion but is sure the right man for her will come for her but Abigail says he is the only one she loves and no one else.

Fausto enters Renata’s bedroom uninvited to tell her that people saw her kissing Patricio, and slaps her. Afterwards he assures her that he loves her very much, to which Renata replies that he married her to pay his debts, and that he was only interested in her ranch, in her land. Fausto adds that he told Pablo that she was expecting a child of his who he would never see, and then he put a bullet in his forehead. Fausto then throws her on the bed and rapes her while he tells her that he won’t leave her in peace until he makes her pregnant but if she doesn’t, he will turn the love he has for her into hatred and hate him for the rest of her life as she hates him.

Macaria feels so hurt that all men have eyes for Renata and not her but Lucio tries to let her know how much he’s loved her but that she is not ready to listen to the nonesence from him.

Renata doesn’t tell Abigail but she does ask her, Macaria, and Mateo to help her to leave the house.

Fausto goes with Lucio to execute patricio at a hotel but unfortunately he was already gone and whiles Lucio goes to check in his room to be sure of that, he runs into his son in the same hotel after many years of not seeing him and they agree to have some drink later and so he introduces his son to Fausto.

Patricio arrives home to see Florencia awaiting him in his house wearing a very sexy nightgown, but he tells her she loves someone else so she gets hurt and walked over him

Lucio have a drink with his son and he asks him for money but he tell him he only uses credit card and Lucio says he has money though not a billionaire like him but a foreman but he says no he’s not anybody because he’s only being ordered around by that her boss who only uses him for his interest since he saw him kneeling before his boss and begging him so he wont be fired and Lucio feeling so hurt left his boy and tells him that he can go back to where he came from.

Constanza refuses to go or run away with Renata and Abigail because she believes Bruno will come for her and Renata tells her that Bruno is dead long ago and this hurts her very much.Fausto arrives and Renata reveals to him that she is leaving and wont come back but Fausto resists but Mateo steps in to say whether he likes it or not Renata will still go and Macaria also supports Renata. Fausto don’t want her to dare him but Renata will report him of rape if he dares her but Fausto says that will be over her dead body to see her leave.

Macaria warns Fausto that if he doesn’t let Renata leave, she will give the homicidal gun to the chief of police, he doesn’t believe her but is frightened when she does just that when commander Bariggan arrives and she shows him the gun.

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