Ask God for forgiveness not me (Wednesday 15th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS NOT ME and in todays episodes,
Diana visits Mateo in his office at the hospital where he serves as a doctor and they kiss each other. Mateo wishes to take Diana to the ranch to introduce her to his uncle but she refuses at first but afterwards decides that she would surprise everybody and the surprise is that, she is also the mistress of Mateo’s uncle Fausto.

Macaria ill-treats Abigail accusing her of immoral acts with Diego, the young man defends her and tells Macaria that she doesn’t love her daughter and that they don’t have anything to be ashamed of.

Diego asks his grandmother why Renata pus up with Macaria since she hates her daughter and Vicenta answers diego that there are favors one never ends paying for.

Abigail tells her mum Macaria that she is been unfair with Diego because he only kissed her cheek and besides she can’t stop her from helping her godmother Renata because she truly needs her as she’s always nice to her (Macaria). But she says no she wouldn’t let her assist Renata because she is a hypocriate and that is why God punished her with blindness but Abigail asks her not to be mean Towards Her Godmother Since She Always Treat Her (Macaria) Like Her Own Sister but Macaria says Renata took away something precious from her and that she can never forgive her and Abigail says Renata is not to be blamed for uncle Fausto chosing her over her (Macaria) and before Abigail could end her sentence a slap goes for her.

Abigail wants to know who her dad is but Macaria asks her not to worry about that since her father was just a poor and useless man and he died. She wants to put flowers on his grave but Macaria thinks Abigail asks too many questions.

Diego wants Renata to help him to speak with Macaria so he can be closer to Abigial since Macaria hates him so much. Renata thinks such issues are of the heart and she doesn’t know if Abigail has expressed any interest in him and he says no she hasn’t told told him anything.

Renata gives Abigail a beautiful dress for her birthday but remarks that she has another present for her which is very special. Renata then took the opportunity to ask Abigail if she loves Diego in a different way and she says she only see Diego as her brother and nothing else.

Constanza continues to lose her mind anytime she sees Macaria because all that is happening around her but one thing is for sure that she knew and still knows that Macaria loves Fausto and has been his mistress many times.

Macaria assures Renata that she adores her daughter but that she fears she will make an error like theirs.

Mateo informs Helena that he is crazily in love with a girl Diana from Real de San Andres and Helena wants the best for her son.

Fausto goes to pick Diana out on a date and she asks her auntie secretly to tell Mateo something to cover up for her in case he calls. Her auntie is willing to do so but first advises her niece to stop dating Mateo and stick only to Fausto so to seize any future trouble but she says Mateo is hers and no one.

Fausto justifies before Renata his wish for having a mistress by telling her that she (Renata) isn’t good even for a mistress.

Diana goes to mass with Mateo and her auntie but they bumb into Abigail and Renata and Diana becomes jealous seeing how Mateo looks so affectionate with Abigail through their hug but she tells her Auntie that over her dead body will she allow that Abigail to steal Mateo from her.
Efigenia mentions to Diana in front of Mateo that she doesn’t like young men, and Eduviges adds that older men are very generous. They then ask Diana if Fausto has been visiting her often and they become very nervous. But her Auntie Mia rescues her by assuring them that it is her the man calls on.

Helena tells Fausto that his nephew has mentioned to her that he’s fallen in love with a girl called Diana Montero and quickly Fausto’s heart jumps into the air.

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