Ask God for forgiveness not me (Tuesday 8th August)

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Mateo tells Father Tomás that he is aware that his mother keeps a secret she will never tell him, and that Fausto, the man who he called him father once, sees Abigaíl as a woman and that hurts him awfully. Father Tomás tells him that he is looking at things through his sick jealousy, but Mateo asks him for his help to protect Abigaíl because Fausto’s intentions towards her is bad and that Abigail isn’t seeing but Tomas asks him to calm down.

Diego asks Abigail if she hates him for what he did but she says no but the truth is she is hurt because he was her only hope to get out of that love web she had for Mateo and Diego asks Abigaíl that the only thing for them is to be friends and does not tell her anything else.

Father Tomas reveals to Renata Mateo’s intentions of Fausto’s closeness to Abigail but Renata tells Father Tomás that Mateo will change his opinion about Fausto when he finds out that he changed with Abigaíl as a favor to her just to see her as a daughter he never had.

Fausto helps Renata to unveil the Institute for the blind and he introduces Ximena as one of the beneficiaries through her great donation and Renata dedicates the institute for blind people to Pablo and she also tells everybody at the ceremony that Diego is her brother; later on, Fausto shows his disagreement about it to her on why she has to do that in front of the community without the DNA test but she doesn’t care.

Porfirio looking at the way and Manner Daniela acting like Ximena is now caring and smiling with him, he takes the opportunity to give her a boxes of jewelry worth a fortune and they belonged to Max’s mother and Daniela prefers he gives them to Max rather but Pofirio says he would have but since Max turned his back on him, he’s also decided to turn his back on him and that is why he wants her to take them. Daniela then asks him if so then he shouldn’t try ever reminding or conversing with her about giving her some jewelry and that Porfirio assures her.

Max insists with Teodora to tell him who raped her and Max speculate and is sure that his dad Lucio did that and he still console Teodora.

Constanza tells Father Tomás that she is grateful Diego is living with them, as Renata, Abigaíl and her, won’t be alone anymore because they have a man now.

Renata mentions to Fausto that La Enramada deeds disappeared and he says he has no idea what would have happened to the papers.

Julio goes to Simona’s house saying that he is tired of Toño and that he wants to give him back to her but Simona says that Toño hates her and she is not sure if he wants to come back to her, but Julio says he will, whether in good way or the hard way.

Diana gets sick and she tells Fausto that she cannot lose her babies because they are his sons and she faints and Fausto tells her that she would do him a great favor if she dies.

Fausto finds the anonymous letter saying that he is the father of the tiwns and hides it.

Diana is taking to the hospital and Mateo looks so depressed that something might happen to her and the children.
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 | Ask God for forgiveness not me (Tuesday 8th August)

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